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Try Diving with the Be A Diver Pool Tour

The “Be A Diver” pool is a 20-foot by 30-foot, 15,000 gallon mobile pool which traverses the United States stopping at 2 and 3 day, large scale venues. It is complete with a portable setup that includes dressing rooms, towels, all the newest diving equipment including wetsuits and fins, an air compressor, and a pavilion for registration and consumer interaction. For more information contact us at or (858) 616-6408.

Be A Diver:  Get Started Today!

Underwater – the other 2/3 of your world – whether in the ocean, lakes, rivers or quarries – is a fascinating place. As a diver you’ll explore a different part of the world we live in – a fun activity in a friendly, hospitable environment. Anyone in good health can learn to dive and become a certified scuba diver. Certification opens the door to activities in every part of the world – anywhere you can find water you can enjoy scuba diving!

Find a Dive Center Near You

With more than 1,800 professional retail dive stores in the US alone, finding a place to learn how to dive is pretty simple.  So what are you waiting for?  Find a professional retail dive center near you and get started today!

DiveCaching:  Looking for Fun!

DiveCaching is all about adventure and fun.  It’s an underwater game for certified divers or snorkelers that can be organized by your local retailer or by a group of divers and is ideal for staying involved in both local diving and for dive travel.

Deep Ambitions:  Explore Diving Careers

If you think diving is for recreation only, you're wrong!  Thousands of people have made a successful career out of an activity they love.  Visit this site to delve deeper into how discovering diving just may fulfill your Deep Ambition ...

Ships to Reefs:  Sink It & They Will Come

Ships to Reefs is a movement in support of the sinking of retired naval vessels for the creation of man-made reefs.  Ships 2 Reefs projects are economically beneficial, environmentally responsible and an enhancement to our adventure watersports lifestyle.  From an environmentally threatening eyesore to an economically beneficial beauty ... EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM S2R!

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