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Information Available for US Street Addresses Only

  Drive Time Map
With most of your customers coming from within a short drive, promoting your store outside of this area should be carefully considered prior to making an advertising investment. This information can also help you review your competition and understand how other local businesses may affect potential customer traffic. Evaluation is FREE for your DEMA Member address!
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Demographic Overview
This is a “snapshot” of the population and households found within a short drive from your store – usually within 7 minutes of the store address. This can help provide information on projected growth potential, growth trends, and the presence of a targeted potential customer population, as well as give a long term view of your business and provide insight into the potential shifts needed in marketing and strategic planning to accommodate these changes.

  Zip Code, Population and Per Capita Income
Zip codes can be a convenient way of understanding the location of target households. In addition to providing population and per capita income data, this information can also be the most efficient and effective information for direct postal mailings and social media advertising.

  Household Income, Education & Retail Potential 
Higher income and college education are shown to positively correlate with scuba diving consumers. Retail sales potential includes data on various categories of retail within the designated drive time, helping you determine if the audience within the designated area is receptive to sports such as recreational diving, and the degree to which they are willing to spend.

Information Available for US Street Addresses Only

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