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For Immediate Release


Media Contact:

Nicole Russell

Association Coordinator

Diving Equipment and Marketing Association 





March 31, 2003----Today The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association announced a new industry-wide marketing program designed to encourage divers to bring their family and friends into their local dive store for beginning diver training and certification.  The program, called “Bring a Friend,” pays consumers $50.00 when they refer three friends or family members who complete their beginning level certification course between May 1 and December 31, 2003.  Participants can be certified by any professional dive center and DEMA member diver-training agency.


“This program should be an incentive for everyone to encourage their friends to try diving,” said Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA.  “Every survey conducted during the last 14 years, no matter the source, shows that the majority of divers get into SCUBA because of a referral from a family member or friend.  This program recognizes the value of these referrals and gives more of an incentive for individuals to bring three of their friends into scuba diving. Bring a Friend is a positive step that DEMA can take to encourage immediate traffic into dive stores.” 


Participation in the Bring a Friend Program is easy.  Any consumer can go to their local participating dive center and pick up the referral form or they can find the form, as well as the program details, on  When three friends complete their beginning-level SCUBA certification course between May 1 and the end of 2003, the information is listed on the form and sent to the DEMA office at 3750 Convoy Street, Suite 310, San Diego, CA 92111. Once DEMA verifies the information with the indicated training agency, the individual submitting the referral is issued a check for $50.00. 


When their friends have completed certification, the individual submitting the referral is also eligible to receive an additional $150.00 from DEMA when they purchase two select pieces of diving hardware from their participating store.  Divers can choose hardware from any participating manufacturer so long as their purchase includes at least two of the following: a complete SCUBA regulator, a buoyancy compensator/inflator combination, and/or a full function diving computer.   This $150.00 added bonus is designed to help retailers encourage sales and also serves as an additional reward for encouraging more friends and family to get certified.  Participants can take advantage of this offer as many times as they choose prior to the closing date.



DEMA is launching the program using materials for the retailer, an email and post campaign and a four page “Advertorial” appearing in Outside Magazine’s Spring Gear Guide, available on newsstands in late April.  The Advertorial promotes the Bring a Friend campaign, DEMA’s SCUBA Tour, and the free learn-to-dive CD entitled “Diving is a Lifestyle” (available to any diver and dive center).  It also contains a tear out card that can be mailed to DEMA to receive a $50 discount coupon for a beginning SCUBA class.  The discount is paid jointly by the participating store, the participating training agencies and DEMA.


DEMA’s Bring a Friend campaign goes into effect on May 1, 2003 and is valid through any participating training agency and any participating dive store.  Visit your local professional dive center or for a list of stores in the area, go to


The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association is a global, not-for-profit organization comprised of more than 1,200 companies and organizations.  DEMA’s mission is to promote sustainable growth in recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the underwater environment.  For information about DEMA or to schedule an interview, please contact Nicole Russell, DEMA Association Coordinator at (858) 616-6408 or

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