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Membership Categories

Category A1 (Voting Member )
A business engaged in the manufacturing and/or authorized wholesale distribution of diving equipment; or a company whose primary activity and income are derived from authorized independent wholesale sales representation of diving equipment within the dive industry. Including:

  • International Distributor
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Supplier
  • Wholesale Distributor

Category A2 (Voting Member)
A business engaged in the training and monitoring of recreational diving instructors, the production and authorization of recreational diver certifications, and the promulgation of recreational diving standards. Including:

  • Dive Instructor Training Organization

Category A3 (Voting Member)
Periodical with a frequency of four diving-related publications per year; or book publishers with at least one diving-related title currently in print; or video, film or media with at least one diving-related title in print or syndication; or consumer or trade show that produces one major dive-related show per year; or a company whose primary activity, membership and/or income is derived from consulting in the dive industry. Including:

  • Dive Industry Consultant
  • Dive Photographer/ Videographer
  • Dive-Related Media
  • Dive-Related Non-Profit Organization
  • Dive Show Organizer

Category A4 (Voting Member)
A professional dive retailer with a physical business location legally operating in a business zone location and holder of a business license and/or a tax resale number and engaged in the retail sale of diving equipment; or A company whose primary activity and/or income is derived from the dive retail industry. Including:

  • Resort-Based Retail Dive Center
  • Retail Dive Center
  • Sporting Goods Retailer

Category A5 (Voting Member)
A business whose primary source of income is derived from providing the diving activities or accommodations at a dive destination (this includes resort operators, dive boats and diving live-aboard vessels); or a business whose primary source of income includes the transportation to dive destinations (this includes airlines, cruise lines, travel wholesalers and travel agents); or a business whose primary activity, membership and/or income is derived from the dive travel industry. Including:

  • Airline
  • Cruise Line
  • Dive Resort Operator
  • Hotel
  • Boat/Live Aboard Operator
  • Tourist Board
  • Travel Agent/ Retailer
  • Travel Association
  • Travel Wholesaler

Associate Member (Non-Voting Member)
Any business, organization, firm, partnership, association or individual that is involved in the diving industry but does not fall into the categories listed above. Including:

  • Instructor/Assistant Instructor/Divemaster/Con
  • Educational Institution
  • Environmental Organization
  • Public Safety/Rescue Diver
  • Other


Voting Benefits

Voting benefits are granted to Category A1-A5 Members ONLY.  Voting power is based upon the voting schedule below.  Each Category A1-A5 member company may cast a ballot.  Votes must be cast by DEMA Member voting delegate using an official mail or electronic ballot.  Ballots will be mailed to A-Category Member companies at the time nominations close.  Each Category A Member company may vote for one candidate in each vacant seat.  An independent auditor/TPA will complete a confidential vote count.  The candidate with a simple majority of votes wins the longest term associated with that seat.  When two seats in the same category are open, the candidate with the second highest tally will serve for the shorter term.



DEMA Member Dues Level

Designated Voting Power

Category A1-A5: Level 1 (Silver)

1 Vote

Category A1-A5: Level 2 (Gold)

5 Votes

Category A1-A5: Level 3 (Platinum)

25 Votes

Category B: Associate Member

Not Eligible to Vote

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