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DEMAIL:  Industry news provided for you by DEMA
DEMAIL, Industry news provided for you by DEMA - Monday, August 16, 2004


New ways to save money and get extra marketing exposure

Promoting the show-only exhibitor specials and helping exhibitors decrease their costs, are among the most frequently mentioned ways to add value to DEMA Show 2004.  DEMA has taken extra steps to accomplish these two additional values for DEMA Show 2004 Exhibitors.


Introducing the Exhibitor Promotions Coordinator and Exhibitor Liaison: DEMA has created two temporary positions to help exhibitors maximize their Show experience, by providing support services to assist them in increasing their visibility at the Show.  DEMA’s goal is to help exhibitors effectively market to buyers and retailers while concurrently saving money.


The Exhibitor Liaison: This position is designed to aid exhibitors by outlining those services for which DEMA has negotiated lower rates, and explaining the most cost-effective methods of displaying at the Show.  Additionally the Exhibitor Liaison will be available on-site at DEMA Show 2004 in Houston where he will act as a liaison with exhibitors, Show management, and service contractors providing assistance as needed.


Beginning the first week of September, Don Frueh who has been contracted as the Exhibitor Liaison will contact each exhibitor to locate and review the cost-saving information in the Exhibitor Services Manual, and provide information on saving money on drayage and labor.  While Don will not be involved in resolving questions regarding specific rules and regulations, he will be able to refer exhibitors to the right contact at National Trade Productions (DEMA Show’s management team) for this purpose. Don has over 35 years in the diving industry, much of it handling trade and consumer show exhibits.  His expertise is now available to all DEMA Show exhibitors.     


The Exhibitor Promotions Coordinator:  Responsible for informing exhibitors about free services being offered by DEMA that can augment their visibility and presence at the Show, the Exhibitor Promotions Coordinator will assist each exhibitor in placing their show-only promotions in the market through DEMA Show using DEMA email and DEMA websites, and on their own company websites.


Free Is Good:  Last Monday, August 9, Exhibitor Promotions Coordinator Ken English began calling each exhibitor to explain the free opportunity through which DEMA will publicize their Show-only special (a Show-only special is one that is only available on-site at DEMA Show 2004, October 13 – 16 to Show attendees).  Ken will continue to communicate with exhibitors on a regular basis prior to the Show sending emails or faxes containing the details of the show-only promotional offer from DEMA and reminders as needed to obtain the promotional offer information so that it can be publicized. 


Important Information on DEMA’s Show-Only Specials Initiative: Each exhibitor will be contacted and offered the opportunity to publicize their show-only promotion, with exhibitors wishing to take advantage of this offer completing and submitting a form that outlines the promotion.  DEMA reserves the right to approve specials prior to accepting them for placement on DEMA websites and in DEMA email in order to ensure that each is a genuine Show-only promotion.  Once a promotion is approved it will be placed on a linked website page in alphabetical order by company name.  Each exhibitor will be asked to place the same Show-only promotion description on its own company website and asked to provide DEMA with a link to that website.  This will help DEMA steer the customer back to the exhibitor in question. 


August 31 Deadline:  All Show-only specials must be received by August 31, 2004.  Once deadline has passed no additional Show-only promotions will be accepted for publicity.  Thirty days prior to DEMA Show 2004 an email about the Show-only specials will be sent to DEMA’s Industry email list with a link back to the website page.


“We look forward to working towards making this year’s Show as successful as it can be for exhibitors” says Tom Ingram, DEMA’s Executive Director.  “DEMA has created these positions as a proactive service to help all DEMA Show exhibitors understand how to navigate through the sometimes complex marketing task of exhibiting properly at a trade show.  Ken English will help exhibitors be more effective at the Show by getting the word out on Show-only specials and promotions.  DEMA will launch word of these promotions to all attendees in early September.


Because there are many different ways to save money by taking the right steps ahead of time, Don Frueh will make sure that exhibitors know where the information can be located to save as much as possible.  Money can be saved in many ways; by using the correct forms located in the Exhibitor Services Manual (which is also available on the website), by choosing services through which DEMA has negotiated to provide for the most cost effective exhibit; and by carefully timing their display arrivals and departures.  These cost-saving measures have always been available, but bringing Don on board to help make that information more accessible should be helpful.”

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