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DEMAIL 10-25
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DEMAIL, Industry news provided for you by DEMA

DEMAIL, Industry news provided for you by DEMA - Monday, October 25, 2004


Impressions of DEMA SHOW 2004


DEMA is currently analyzing data from DEMA Show 2004 to determine the statistics of value to exhibitors and the Board of Directors.  DEMA will continue gathering information and make it available in accordance with the wishes of the Board of Directors as soon as is practical. 


Here are several remarks of attendees and exhibitors gathered directly from the sales floor during the final hours of DEMA Show 2004 in Houston.




"Houston has outstanding facilities. NTP treated me so well from the beginning.  It was a very smooth experience as a speaker. Tom Ingram has raised the bar for future DEMA shows. DEMA knew that there would be low attendance, but made the decision that those who attended would experience something very special.  As far as services and content for people who attended, this is the first show since I began coming to DEMA in 1989 where I have heard only positive feedback.  Services put in place, like transportation, were fantastic, especially the direct routes on busses.  The awards banquet was in tune with what we should be doing. Having a celebrity that is not necessarily a 'dive' celebrity is a fantastic thing.  Having a sit down dinner rather than finger food increased the professionalism ten-fold. This show has defined the DEMA Show as one for professionals and has raised the bar for future Shows."


-Tec Clark

DEMA 2004 Speaker

Decatur, GA


"The seminars were fantastic. The PowerUp sessions were awesome; totally re-energizing.  It was a great way to start the day. I have had time to talk to people I have seen before, but never had time for. This was a lot better than previous Shows; definitely a positive experience." 


-Tina Perkins

Mid-Atlantic Scuba Center, Inc.

Bensalem, PA


"It was better than I expected. We came into the Show really well prepared and we are actually writing business. I would like to have written more, if there were only more buyers…".


-Ron Grzelka

Caribbean Dive Tours

Atlanta, GA


"The people who are here are interested in doing business.  I have been exhibiting 25 years, and this year there are strong shops attending and they are looking to build partnerships."


-Peggy Purdy

Aqua Cat Cruises

Miami FL


"By the end of the second day of the Show, I had already written contracts on par with the best Shows ever in the 16 years I have been exhibiting. I was very disappointed with the negativity in the industry leading up to the Show. As an industry we cannot afford negative thinking.  It has a detrimental effect. Negative thoughts become self-fulfilling, as the negative energy of the few flows outward to all members of this industry.  A blow to DEMA is a blow to all of us in the Industry. The manufacturers who did not participate should have; even if it was on a smaller scale. In this Industry we all rely on each other. DEMA Show is an industry goodwill statement."


-Mike Ball

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Cairns, Australia


"Traffic was down; it was a slower Show.  However, the quality was up. I actually got to spend time with customers.  It's all about relationships at the Show. Another good thing, this year was that you didn't see the 'end user' walking around on the Show floor, which was really nice."


-Henry Hester

Nite Rider Lights

Dive Lights International, Inc.

San Diego, CA


"This was a great Show. It was my first time attending a DEMA Show and I will definitely be back. Mindy Hoff was very helpful and supportive of a first timer. DEMA has my congratulations on a super Show."


-Colonel Echols

Landshark Scuba

Sioux Falls, SD


"DEMA should love us! We are spending money left and right in order to get equipment and other items in time for Christmas. We have had the chance to spend quality time with the manufacturers that are here, and have been able to see additional product lines that we usually don't have time for." 


-Pat Hammer

Scuba Emporium

Orland Park, IL


"I am a new comer and have sold 35 groups! This Show is amazing!”


-Ronda Friend

Tawali Resort

Papua New Guinea


“The numbers are small, but the quality is good. The Bahamas did not hold back anything from the Show.  We wanted to support DEMA and support the people who showed up.  In the Bahamas we think the Show is the most opportune time to buy.  It is the largest Show in the world of this kind, and you need to be here to be a player."


-Richard Terco
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism


"I have been coming to DEMA Shows since 1988. In previous years the Show floor was so packed that you didn't have time to speak to everyone lined up at your booth. This year's Show is much better than in previous years. The people here are much more serious and not here just for the 'free stuff'…they are here to buy."


-Fred Spangler

Kai Viti Divers



"I have sold 19 weeks.  Our previous record was 6 weeks. We came to the Show better prepared, and I am glad we did, as the attendees are much more serious buyers. We go home hoarse each night from all of the extra talking we do."


-Jack Young




"What set this Show apart was the quality of the buyers. We didn't waste time taking to people who couldn't buy for their stores. We wrote considerably more business (about 25% more) than last year.


The Awards Party was excellent.  The host was excellent - remarks were short and sweet and to the point. Everyone was thrilled.


We got more done this year. We were more aggressive; you have to be in this business environment.  You cannot do business as usual. We even kept people back home to handle the DEMA Special which expires today. It all comes down to working hard and working differently. DEMA and the Show can only provide the venue; the exhibitors have to do the rest. The exhibitors have to put the right game plan together and let DEMA provide the right players (buyers).


DEMA worked harder this year.  They got off their butts. They are getting the formula right…and forget about the venue. The Show is about doing business. DEMA should be judged on the quality of this year's Show. DEMA listened to the membership and the Industry and should be applauded for that."


-Bob Coleman

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


The DEMA show for Stan Waterman and me was the best in several years.  We were able to do more business, negotiate contracts, tours and equipment deals than ever before.  Seminars were well attended and exhibitors had time to spend with us "cooking up" new and exotic travel plans, including some cross marketing deals that we would never had time to accomplish in the past.  Friday was booked with appointments every fifteen minutes to a half-hour for almost the entire day.  The reduced foot traffic allowed me to get to my appointments (almost) on time, but did not diminish the business activity I saw and heard taking place all around me. 


I will write the best biz from this show in 3 years. And gladly, do not have 100+++ bogus time wasting biz cards to do worthless follow up.  So, WAY TO GO DEMA, Tom, Colleen, Nicole and all!


-Nancy McGee

Island Time Scuba

Lancaster, TX




DEMA will issue a statement on statistics as the analyses are completed.


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