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DEMAIL - 11/15, Inside the Board - Election are Coming!
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DEMAIL, Industry news provided for you by DEMA
DEMAIL, Industry news provided for you by DEMA - Monday, November 15, 2004


Inside the Board - Elections are Coming!


DEMA Board elections are coming soon and the DEMA office has been gathering names of potential Board candidates from the DEMA membership.  The full list of those who have accepted a nomination can be found at


It's important for you to vote. Why?  Because the Board of Directors does just what their name implies; they direct the actions of the Association through the DEMA Staff.  All of the activities of the Association are affected by decisions of the Board; everything from scuba diving PR in the media, to funding of the Scuba Tour, impact on legislative issues, funding of relief programs, and the DEMA Show itself.  Just like representatives in the House and Senate, members of the DEMA Board represent the needs of the various stakeholder groups of which they are a part. 


If you want the voice of your stakeholders' group to be heard, vote for the person that best represents your point of view.  If elected to the Board they will definitely have an influence on the way that issues are discussed and resolved, and how Association money is spent.


The 2005 Board of Director Elections - Timeline

The DEMA Office is currently preparing the ballots for the vote, which will officially begin on December 15, 2004 and end on January 15, 2005.  Only those members who have renewed their membership for 2005, or who have joined for the first time during the 2005 DEMA membership campaign are eligible to vote for the 2005 candidates.


What Changed for this Election?

In 2004 the Board of Directors voted to extend the term of office for new BOD Members.  The vote did not impact the current Board, but goes into effect with those elected (or re-elected) during the 2005 election process.  The new term is for three years rather than two.  This extension provides the Director with more time to learn the Association processes, become familiar with all of the concerns that surround various issues, and have a greater positive impact on outcomes important to their constituency. 


How DEMA Functions is Up To YOU!

All members of the Board want the best possible business outcomes for their constituents and for the Industry at large.  How we all get there may be subject to lots of lively discussion, but members of the Board have the best interests of the Industry in mind when decisions are rendered.  How do YOU have the greatest impact?  By voting for the candidates in all categories that match with your view of how the Association should help to undertake its mission; To promote sustainable growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the underwater environment.

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