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Membership at Work 8/19: 2020 Vision: The Changing Diving Industry
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2020 Vision:  The Changing Diving Industry 

During DEMA Show 2011 in Orlando Florida DEMA will conduct its final “2020 Vision” brainstorming session for 2011, and YOU are invited!
The 2020 Vision sessions were conceived as a way to get member input for the DEMA Board of Directors as strategic plans are made for the future of DEMA and the diving industry, and have been conducted in several locations this year. As most know, the role of associations is changing, and in order to keep up with these changes, having the industry member’s input is valuable so that DEMA can be both proactive and responsive. 
Literally looking ahead to 2020, these sessions help the DEMA Board formulate plans for moving into the future. The input from members is valuable in formulating strategic plans for the association, ultimately answering the questions;
  • What can DEMA do to continue facilitating growth? 
  • What additional and continuing roles will DEMA play?
In addition to the session at DEMA Show in Orlando (Saturday November 5th from 10:00am to 12:00pm), brainstorming sessions have already taken place at Beneath the Sea in NJ and the Long Beach, CA Scuba Show with a total of about 60 participants.   Like the session at DEMA Show, during these sessions members of the diving industry discussed some of their ideas about where the diving industry was headed in the next 3 – 5 – 10 years. 
In a brainstorming session such as these there are no wrong or right answers – just ideas. What is more critical is to gather this information and make it available for both the industry members and the DEMA Board of Directors so that it can be used to help us all. A key question for DEMA is how to use this information well, given its sometimes-conflicting nature. But that is why these things are important and hearing from more people is critical. Without that input, DEMA loses key points of view. There will inevitably be points on which we can all agree.
These sessions have generated lots of interesting discussions about the industry and the needs of dive businesses everywhere. Click here to see the comments listed by these groups.
In addition to the face-to-face sessions, DEMA also started a 2020 Vision Session Group on for those that attend the face-to-face sessions. Some of the comments were very interesting and gave additional insights into DEMA’s role in the future, such as:
  • Retailers and other small business owners are an independent lot. They will listen to ideas, but they are suspicious of ideas that come from within the industry, unless they come directly from other retail stores. 
  • Retailers seem likely to listen to outside agents for business ideas rather than diving industry insiders, but only if the business idea fits within their own experiences.
  • Retailers are suspicious of research from within the industry. They have been “burned” previously by “surveys” and are going to look to themselves.
  • Some of the ideas that were continually discussed included an ongoing concern about the aging diver population and the aging diving professional population.
The session at DEMA Show is vital to the DEMA organization in that the Board of Directors is seeking all comments from all sessions before beginning the process of formulating the strategic plan for the association.


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