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Membership at Work 8/19: 2020 Vision: Brainstorming Session Ideas
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2020 Vision:  The Changing Diving Industry 

Previous Session Comments

BTS:  Group #1, 10:00am – 12:00pm
  1. Understand what the customer wants reach – capture - and retain
    • Understand what our Customers want
    • Reach- Capture & Return
    • Survey Customers
    • Access our Databases
    • Read Social Media
    • Define what is a Diver – How long has it been since you dived
    • Define who our customers are
    • Survey why divers are inactive / dropped out
    • Survey future divers
  2. Develop A Common and Shared Vision
    • Better communication
    • Independent facilitators
    • Face to Face Meetings
    • 2 day Mtgs. For only that purpose
    • Vision needs to be focused
  3. Professional Retailers Support and Develop
    • Develop and Support Professional Retailers
  4. Adapt To New Media
    • Learn to use the Internet
    • Develop professional support available to maintain web and internet use
  5. Skill Based Training and Increase Diver Comfort
    • Apprentice training
    • Continuing education with recognition of skill sets
    • Increase water time and comfort
    • Develop retailer do a better job
    • Professional retailer base
    • Key marketing focus
    • Skilled based training
    • Increased diver comfort
    • Adapt to the internet world
    • Focus on 2 to 5 year model
    • 5 to 10 year outlook too far out
    • Bigger voice outside of industry
    • Independent voice
    • Recycle Customer’s
    • Concentrate on our customers wants
    • Customer retention
    • Make diving a hobby not an experience
    • Support to rebuild brick and mortar stores
    • Dive stores as a epicenter of activity
    • Understand the demographics of today’s population
    • Nontraditional markets
    • Dealer manufacture loyalty
    • Not competing with ourselves
    • Learn to get along
    • Better cooperation
    • Get an edge back on the sport –perception
BTS:  Group # 2, 10:00 – 12:00
  1. Higher Standards for Training
    • RSTC / ISO need to raise standards
    • Require more water training over more sessions
    • Evaluate Instructors
    • Focus groups / customer evaluation to evaluate customer needs
    • Higher standards for instructor training
    • Free diving / surface training
  2. Diver retention = lifestyle community
    • Generational Ambassadors
    • Social interaction / area dive
    • Selling Adventure
    • Expanding Activities
  3. Marketing Data to Model Success
    • Data pool / sharing data
    • 3rd party analysis
    • Focus groups
    • Cross marketing to other industries (surfing, etc)
  4. Strong Retail Base
    • Retailer evaluation with regional consideration
    • Removing the diver from dive politics
    • First Impressions
    • Can do attitude from retailers
    • Networking among retailers
  5. Higher standards for training
  6. E-Marketing more exposure through social media
    • Fostering community / lifestyle
    • More Data
    • Cross industry marketing (i.e. marketing to other industries surfing, etc.)
    • Focus on diver retention
    • Selling Adventure / Fun
Group #2 Other Ideas
  1. More Divers
    • New
    • Younger
    • Retention
  2. More Cooperation between competitors
  3. Stores and Destination Relationship
    • Educate retailers on value of dive travel
    • Manufacturer and Retailer cooperation
    • Combination of travel and local diving (keeps ‘em diving)
    • Don’t be afraid of your competitors
    • Understand your current and potential customer’s needs
    • Value of retail associations (regional)
    • Example: Colorado retailers association (using skiing industry model for diving retail cooperation
    • Cross promotion with other sports
    • Award for advertisers who promote diving in a positive way
    • Need industry icons that bring non-divers into the sport
    • Portray sport in more positive and exciting light
    • Family oriented
    • Advertising marketing
    • Weight restriction (airlines) due to heavy equipment
    • Equipment integration
    • “Official" airline of the dive industry
    • Airline cooperation with dive industry
    • Special rate on shipped equipment (Fed-ex)

BTS Group #1, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

  1. Partnering with non-endemic industries
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Exploit their fresh blood
    • Motorbikes / Horse riding
    • Airlines / Destinations
    • Tourist boards
    • Cayman – 20 second trails of diving
    • Sexy lifestyle exploit social media templates, twitter Facebook workshop
    • Sell adventure
    • Passport to a completely new life
    • Electronic diving games for Nintendo DS / Androids / BBl tablets
  2. Retailer Professional Find the passion – Support, education, training to be a safe profitable motivated business
    • More efficient at selling
    • Sell the sizzle
    • DEMA data to use Strategically
  3. High-quality improved face water time with instructors (not just e-learning)
    • Change mindset so diving is valued and sought
    • So pay them better so they have time to train better
    • We lose more divers when they get scared
    • But it’s what the people want
  4. Regional
    • Activities
    • Consumer Show
    • Local Diving
  5. Sell Travel continuing education / diver retention and get kit sales tied into it
    • National ad campaign outside Industry, airline baggage, destinations
    • Broad national mainstream media
    • High quality training at high (proper prices) that is valued / sought after
    • More partnership / strategic relationships that both benefit manufactures / travel
    • Scuba camp for younger divers / scouts
    • Reverse trend on kit sales
    • Spend to bring in advertisers
    • Industry support on dive shows
    • Electronic diving equipment for DS Nintendo
    • Fearful of sending in customers because they think they lose customers / sales
    • Clever use of advertising / social media
    • Increase # of regional San Francisco / N. California Oregon vs. trade show consumer
    • Sell sexy lifestyle
    • Brainwash divers so they think / buy key kit
    • Dive retention clubs
    • Be a better businessman
    • Retailers appear or don’t want to look at dive clubs
    • Diver retailer education
    • Educate mom & pops stores proper business education
    • Structured sales training. If you can’t sell something you discount it. So teach them how to sell correctly to get the sell.
    • Dive clubs – 100 years of experience keep skills sweet
    • Get the trade bodies to work together
    • Create programs to push local diving
    • Incentives for continuing education periodic re-certification
    • Proper pay for instructors (a living wage, not existence living)
    • Determine what an active diver is
    • Innovative magazine articles not rehashed stuff every two years
    • Hero – we need one Shadow divers
    • Hollywood to do nice diving film. Drop zone / bond movies. Can we leave a tie in?
    • Testimonials on their love of the sport / ads
    • Adventure fun / sell it
BTS Group #2, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  1. Acquisition and Retention
    • Advertising to promote sport
    • Award to advertisers who positively use sport in ADS
    • Let advertisers know that DEMA ias a resource for promotional media
    • Diving can be stepping stone to other career opportunities
    • Aquariums to promote sport to the public
    • Comprehensive support for retailer to be the portal to a continuing relationship with sport
    • Make the sport exciting to attract young people
  2. Cooperation
    • Cross promotional activities with other sports
    • Outdoor sport shows
    • Boat shows
    • Cooperation between all diving industry stakeholders
  3. Communication
    • Tell everyone about diving
    • Use all media
    • TV / Radio
    • Print
    • Social Media
    • Online
  4. Education
    • Retailers understand the value of travel
    • Support the retailer
    • Continuing Education value
    • Student Instructor relationship
    • Student Retailer relationship
    • Limited exposure to both
    • In order to form a relationship or lasting bond
    • Increase /Improve social aspects of the sport
    • Market the sport applied to everyone (men women young people) 
2020 Vision Session - Scuba Show, Long Beach CA
Group 1
What Do You See Changing?
  1. More Resort courses vs. Full Certification & Lifestyle
  2. Social Media redefining sense of community
  3. Aging Demographic
  4. More Niche Groups
  5. Lack of Mainstream media Exposure 
What Do You Want To See?
  1. Younger Demographic & Families
  2. Better Education to how diving expands other aspects of work / life
  3. Acceptance of Diving (classes, clubs, PE) in public schools (problem of perceived liability)
  4. Get rid of Scuba online
  5. Golee version of Scuba online
  6. Recertification’s
  7. More involved Instructors ( follow up)
  8. Bring back lifestyle (clubs)
  9. Modernize Stores
What are the Priorities?
  1. Better Communication / Marketing & Education of the lifestyle & opportunities of diving
  2. Younger Demographic & Families
  3. DEMA & agencies help bring diving into schools – address liability perception
  4. More mainstream media exposure (ads, shows, cross promotions) Jeep ads
  5. Better use of Social Media to keep up with redefined diving communities. 
Prioritize and Discuss WHAT and HOW
Better Communication, Marketing & Education of the Lifestyle & Opportunities of Diving
  • Create a prerecorded video seminar provided free to schools
  • Educator Continuing Education credits with Scuba focus
  • Educational Grants
  • Training organizations
  • Manufactures, DEMA, Agencies collect & analyze demographic data
  • RSTC unifies agencies to build comprehensive view of the sport
Younger Demographics & Families
  • Continue BSA
  • Targeted Social Media
  • Basic demographic profiling combined with customer interview
  • Adequate staffing & proper implementation of family events
  • Get into Schools
  • Viral Videos
Group 2
What Do You Want To See?
  1. Reach out to future generations
    • Youth Focus Groups
      • Build up to Scuba
      • Snorkeling
      • Colleges
  2. Target Families
  3. Education of what they are seeing by way of participation - Purposeful reason
  4. Positive first experience
  5. Changing perception of the Ocean/Diving
    • Environmental
    • Fears
  6. Iconic figures in Mainstream Media
  7. Career Opportunities - Building Awareness
  1. Reach out to the future Generations organize / invest in college high school grade school youth focus groups for information. – this should be a Trade Association priority while still supporting current market
    • Thinking long term
    • Snorkeling / Free Diving potential
  2. Target Families
    • Create Social Family Environment
    • What do other Industries do?
    • Skiing
    • Tap into their resource
  3. Giving a focus for their Dive
    • Local knowledge (all destinations)
    • Wreck History
    • Fish Identifications
    • Body of Water History
  4. Positive first Experience (Open Water)
    • Prepared for Conditions
    • Diver Empowerment to call a Dive
    • Instructor Enthusiasm

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