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DEMAIL 2011-09-02: Invest in Yourself and Your Industry
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Invest in Yourself and Your Industry 

In a time of uncertainty, with the stock market all over the place, interest rates at an all-time low and the global marketplace growing more competitive by day, there is one thing you can count on - yourself.  You take back control when you invest in yourself and your business.Be A Diver Campaign YouTube Channel Icon
Innovative concept? Not really.
DEMA has been helping you invest in yourself since the beginning; taking every dollar you invest in memberships and in DEMA Show and putting it back in the industry for programs that benefit you and your business. The industry-wide Be A Diver branding campaign, the Be A Diver Pool PR program, the DiveCaching local diving campaign, critical research and legislative activities to keep dive sites open and protect our aquatic resources - all are examples of programs funded by the dollars you invest in DEMA. 
DEMA …your non-profit trade association; every dollar you invest in DEMA is an investment in yourself, your business and your industry.
Be A Diver pool
The Be A Diver Pool is DEMA’s very successful PR campaign tool that helps smart retailers get new customers too! Any participating DEMA-Member dive center has the opportunity to participate in a media blitz for recreational diving that has racked up over 10 million media impressions in the first half of 2011.
Providing unique and eye-catching visuals, the media are invited to put reporters into the 16,000 gallon heated scuba pool for an entertaining news or local-interest segment that demonstrates the fun of scuba diving. Participating DEMA-Member stores can get camera (and free advertising) time on their local television station or in their local news outlet (print and web-based) and spend valuable face-to-face time with potential new customers.  The wider industry receives invaluable media exposure as the pool travels around the country stopping at targeted venues and events. Importantly, this is a great way for non-divers to be exposed to the fun of recreational diving, and local viewers can try diving at events in which the pool participates. 
The Be A Diver Pool is only one promotion that DEMA conducts on behalf of DEMA Members. DEMA produces the DEMA Show, the Be A Diver Campaign and DiveCaching and conducts critical research for the diving industry to help promote recreational diving. All benefits are possible because of the funds DEMA earns through your participation in DEMA Show.
In these uncertain times, take control by investing in yourself, your business and your industry. By attending DEMA Show you invest in yourself!

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