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DEMAIL 2011-09-26: Legislative Advocacy
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In a time of uncertainty, with the stock market all over the place, tough job news and the global marketplace growing more competitive by the day, the one thing you can count on is yourself. You take back control when you invest in yourself and your business.
Innovative concept? Not really.


DEMA has been helping you invest in yourself since the beginning; taking the dollars you invest in Memberships and in DEMA Show and putting them back in the industry for programs that benefit you and your business.
The industry-wide Be A Diver branding campaign, the Be A Diver Pool PR program, the DiveCaching local diving campaign, critical research and legislative activities to keep dive sites open and protect our aquatic resources – all are examples of programs funded by the dollars you invest in DEMA.
DEMA is your non-profit trade association; the dollars you invest in DEMA Show and DEMA Membership are an investment in yourself, your business and your industry.
DEMA fights to help Member businesses operate in today’s legislatively-intense environment. Along with the many issues facing all businesses today, diving businesses must also have access to dive sites, and the underwater environment and many key species must be protected so that customers and businesses will have a place to dive and aquatic life to see. 
In addition to helping businesses through promotional programs including the largest diving trade-only show in the industry, DEMA fights for dive site access, legislative fairness to businesses, and to protect the underwater environment for our Members and their customers. In fact, doing so is in our Mission Statement:
To promote sustainable growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the underwater environment.”
All of this is funded by your participation in DEMA Show and because of your Membership in the DEMA trade association.
DEMA regularly provides a voice to government on behalf of the diving industry and helps to prevent adverse legislation from being enacted from among the more than 300 new federal laws and hundreds of state laws passed each year. Members receive priority notification of legislative activity that may impact them, giving these businesses time to act in order to preserve their businesses and the environment. 
DEMA has already testified on important environmental issues in front of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, and interacts regularly with government officials in key diving states. Taking a positive approach, DEMA works with state agencies to ensure that diving stays out of government scrutiny by creating public service announcements and sponsoring events to demonstrate self-regulation. When necessary, DEMA also works to prevent inappropriate action by government, such as blocking inappropriate fees for dive vessel operators, and organizing diving professionals to testify before government bodies on important issues.
Legislative advocacy is only one of the benefits provided to DEMA Members. DEMA also produces DEMA Show, the Be A Diver Campaign, DiveCaching, the Be A Diver Pool PR campaign, and conducts critical research for the industry to help promote recreational diving. All benefits are possible because of the funds DEMA earns through your participation in DEMA Show.
In these uncertain times, take control by investing in yourself, your business and your industry. 
Attending DEMA Show benefits YOU!


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