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2020 Vision Sessions 2012 Summary
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2020 Vision Session Brainstorming Notes

2020 Vision at Beneath the Sea 2012


Sell the Diving Lifestyle
  1. Celebrity needed
  2. Get rid of short courses
  3. Make “divers” who stay with diving more permanently - not just certify them
  4. Sexy / glamour social media - put people in the picture cutting edge look simple
  5. There is a need for light weight gear
  6. Easier searches for stores and equipment
  7. Find a way to have customers bring their own equipment
Training and Benefits for Retailers
  1. Technology and marketing webinars
  2. Online forums for discussions with other retailers
  3. Support for retailers – data, ideas
  4. Give some material for use for free to get businesses started
  5. More training on web and other technology
  6. Create easy resources for retailers to use
  7. Create Job opportunities for instructors and others
  8. Fewer “liability” forms - Online forms
  1. Social events are needed - Social media –
    • Define younger market
    • Follow the “Dive around Texas” model for local diving - Team with local parks
    • Make it easier to buy gear
  2. Celebrity / social media
    • Sexy
    • Technology / web training
    • Form committee
    • Outsource – hire a kid
    • Less forms
    • Social events
    • Image
    • Promotion
    • Define market
    • Link the Discover Scuba Experience at a resort to a shop
  3. Make diving Fun again/ Make divers comfortable - follow-up
  4. Team with local parks- Highlight Local dives
  5. Diving-friendly local legislation
1.      Hire professional consultant company
2.      Use local networks
3.      Use environmental edge
4.      DEMA education of retail
5.      Develop ideas for webinars
6.      Use different mediums to discuss use of technical equipment and social media
7.      Promote industry by forming committee - Defer to DEMA
8.      Embrace younger folks –Go to younger people who are in the industry now who are tech savvy
Selling diving lifestyle
  1. Reach out to children / young people
  2. Create an easier career path
  3. Make scuba “hip” - kids programs – contests aware
  4. Use Social media
  5. Discover sd. Seal team. Scouts
  6. Adventure Festival in FL                  
Support retailers & create benefits
  1. Business academy
  2. Webinars – videos that educate - Convenience of getting info
  3. Make data and info available appropriate for all markets

Make dive travel easier

  1. Link between resorts & retailers group travel easier DEMA e-ship & dive
  2. Make shipping of gear and divers baggage easier
  3. Fedex gear
  4. Good rental gear – is this a problem?
  5. Lighter smaller gear
  6. Group travel easier
  7. Kids free with parents

2020 Vision at Scuba Show 2012 

Promote the “Diving Lifestyle”
  • How do you promote/discuss the Lifestyle of diving to the US Military and Dependents worldwide?
  • Purposely use “message creep” that utilizes diving images and reaches into advertising for other sports/cross promotion.
  • BeADiver and other web pages to direct people who are interested in diving – something fun. 
  • Messaging should include the fact that many instances people can participate in diving without spending all their time on it - Define the time needed for diving.
  • Involve professional groups seeking CME’s -
  • Is diving a year-round lifestyle? How can we promote it that way?
  • Negative PR about diving/ocean (sharks, danger) is everywhere – the industry must counter this without making diving boring or uncool
  • Have a way to promote the beauty of diving and underwater world to mass audience using social media. Social Media should be used by all companies to promote sport.
  • Diving is a non-competitive sport and does not currently generate “Hero’s or “Stars.” Instructors as stars?
  • Cross Marketing within the Industry to use the strength
  • Celebrity is needed to help promote diving
  • Make sport more open to everyone – different activities for different segments, such as family, LGBT, couples, etc
  • Lifestyle includes everything about diving – it does not necessarily mean that everything must be underwater. It should include diving and surface activities so non-divers can be involved in the lifestyle too.
  • Across age groups.
  • More social activities that are part of the diving lifestyle are needed. Divecaching is an example that includes everyone and above/below surface activities
  1. Communicate effectively outside the sport
  2. Ways to keep people interested year-round keep them thinking about diving & the lifestyle year round.
  3. Putting emphasis on the focus of diving information being on the diving professional (i.e. Store, instructor dive master) so divers go to the professional for information rather than the internet.
How can we do this?
  1. Message is important
  2. TV reaches the most
  3. Social media
  4. Internet, You Tube, Facebook, others

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