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Spotlight - Robert's Grove Dive Center
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 DEMA Member Spotlight 

Robert's Grove Dive Center

Proud DEMA Member since 2003
Tel: 523-3565


About You and Robert's Grove Dive Center

My name: 
Francisco Linarez
My job function in the company:
Dive Center Manager/ Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Years in business:
14 years.
About Robert's Grove Dive Center:
Robert's Grove dive Center is located in Southern Belize on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula. Our doors have been opened for business since 1998 offering a variety of diver certification courses and guided tours to some of the most amazing dive sites in the world. Known as one of the most reputable dive centers in Belize, our dive center was the first to offer both Air and Nitrox diving. In 2010, after meeting all requirements, we were awarded the rating of a Padi Five Star Dive Center. We continue to provide great service to our divers in a safe environment.
Business mission/values:
Our mission is dedicated in making sure your dive with us is safe and memorable!

About You, "The Professional"...

How I was introduced to the professional diving industry:
I was introduced to the diving industry by an instructor friend of mine in 1998 who was offering a pro-bono Open Water course who asked if i was interested.. Yes, was my answer and immediately after my first descent i knew i wanted a career in diving. Never look back since!!
What I like best about my job:
Seeing the look on someone face after completing an open water certification who had doubt they can complete. Having the opportunity in meeting people from all walks of life. Only in diving my friend!
Words of wisdom for those starting their career in the diving industry:
Enjoy to the fullest!!
Best way to keep a competitive edge:
Continuing education and keeping up with the changing technologies!

Biggest change I have seen in the professional diving industry since I started:
Biggest change i have seen since i started has to be the concerns and awareness divers now have for natural habitat and the underwater world.
Instructor who took me on my first dive (Carlton Young).


About You, "The Person"...

Something you'd find on my bucket list:
I am a humble guy!

What I am most proud of:
Having to do this for the last fourteen years and still have fun at it!

How I like to spend my free time:
Like to spend my free time traveling and learning from others in the industry.

Favorite quote:
My favorite quote especially in these challenging times have to be " Do not ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
Easy going and always willing to learn!


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