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Spotlight - SeaSigns, LLC
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

SeaSigns, LLC

Proud DEMA Member since 1998

About You and SeaSigns, LLC...
My name:
Tom Eloph

My job function in the company:
Director of Technology & Training

Years in business:
15 years

About SeaSigns, LLC:
SeaSigns was created to provide SCUBA divers and non-divers of all skill levels with an inexpensive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use way to communicate underwater, which increases underwater fun and safety.

Business mission/values:
SeaSigns is recognized as the leader of underwater signing.

About You, "The Professional"...

How I was introduced to the professional diving industry:
I learned to dive in the California Bay Area (Monterey waters). My mentor through the PADI classes kept diving fun and learning always a challenging!

What I like best about my job:
I love to explore while diving and share with people how life-changing scuba can be.

Words of wisdom for those starting their career in the diving industry:
Learn as much as you can, take all the classes you can, then take that training and GO! Go, go, go to where you want to go and use it!

Best way to keep a competitive edge:
Two words: continuing education

My mentor, Kyle McCane, provided the highest level of quality training and inspiration through all my training. I hope someday to be the guide and mentor to others as he was to me! Thanks for everything, Kyle!

About You, "The Person"...

Something you'd find on my bucket list:
I'd like to visit and dive Easter Island.

What I am most proud of:
Becoming a SCUBA Instructor.

How I like to spend my free time:
Imitating sea turtles at the cleaning station.

Favorite quote:
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
I have an extensive list of roller coasters that I've ridden and will continue to ride and add to that list!

My 5 dream Jeopardy categories:
The Hawaiian Islands, Flavors of Frozen Yogurt, Potpourri, Bacon


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