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Spotlight - Scubaocity / Dive Capital
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

Scubaocity / Dive Capital

Proud DEMA Member since 2012 
Scubaocity / Dive Capital


About You and Scubaocity / Dive Capital...

My name:
Gary Mace

My job function in the company:

Years in business:
7 years

About Scubaocity / Dive Capital:
We develop software for the dive industry to help schedule, track, marketing and book customer for your business. From travel, class, or local dive trips we help organize and track your schedule from any web enabled device.

Business mission/values:
Connecting businesses and customers through the world of technology.

About You, "The Professional"... 
How I was introduced to the professional diving industry:
Growing up in the pan-handle of Florida my neighbor was a support diver for SeaLab project. At the age of 12 I knew I wanted to learn how to do that, but my parents said I had to pay for it myself. Well, after 3 years of mowing lawns, I had enough money to get certified at the age of 15. I grew up diving around the world over the next 30 years. Working in high tech it offered a lot of opportunities to dive many places, but in 2003 my wife and I were laid off and instead of remaining in high tech we moved to the Florida Keys and brought a dive shop, Conch Republic Divers. Dealing with the day to day hassles of scheduling, I put back on my high tech software development hat and developed Scubaocity. That was 6 years ago and the product just keeps getting better and better with input from the dive shops who are using the software. I can't believe I've been diving for 41 years and working in an industry that has been my passion since the day I was 12.

What I like best about my job:
The best thing about my job is getting to meet other dive shop owners who have the same passion about diving and running their business as I do.

Words of wisdom for those starting their career in the diving industry:
The best advice I can give others who want to get into the dive business is to ask lots and lots of questions from those who are already in the industry. I've found other dive professionals are more than willing to share their experiences....all you have to do is ask.

Best way to keep a competitive edge:
Don't be afraid to try something new.

Biggest change I have seen in the professional diving industry since I started:
One of the biggest changes in the dive industry is the way shops market their business. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising but getting that person in the shop is the big challenge. Finding the right form of internet marketing that suits your business is key in being successful.

Jesus..His life although short was one that changed the world. I'm not interested in changing the world but strive to live a humble and appreciative life.

About You, "The Person"...

Something you'd find on my bucket list:
I've always wanted to dive under the ice, but more than likely never will as I don't like cold water at all.

What I am most proud of:
It's been very rewarding to me to be able to work along side my wife in our current business endeavors. The ability to do that is very rewarding and also makes me very proud.

How I like to spend my free time:
I'm very comfortable in front of a computer, but also like to get out in my yard and tend to my fruit trees. I also enjoy working at our church running and organizing our sound and video equipment.

Favorite quote:
"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not."

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
Nothing too special, just a regular guy who loves God, his family, and his wife.


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