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Spotlight - Cascade Game Foundry
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

Cascade Game Foundry

Proud New DEMA Member! 
Phone: 425-591-6417
Address: 15127 NE 24th Street #15,
Redmond WA 98052
Game website:

About You and Cascade Game Foundry...

My name:
Kathie Flood

My job function in the company:
Managing Director

Years in business:
3 years

About Cascade Game Foundry:
Cascade Game Foundry is a Seattle-based video game company. We are currently wrapping up development of Infinite Scuba ™, a reality-based, environmentally-respectful game that enables players to experience the thrill and serenity of scuba diving and treasure hunting, as well as learn about history and dive science. Our studio is composed of entertainment simulation experts from the former Aces Studio at Microsoft, one of the most critically-acclaimed and profitable studios in the history of the video game industry. Our unrivaled expertise and passion for simulations and entertainment software enables us to provide breathtakingly-accurate simulations for hardcore audiences, as well as compelling exploration gameplay for casual audiences.

Business mission/values:
Our mission is to enable people to explore the world from home. We are dedicated to showing how video games can be realistic, educational, non-violent, and still loads of fun.

About You, "The Professional"...

How I was introduced to the professional diving industry:
I've worked on reality-based video games since the mid-1990's, and the idea of creating a diving simulation has always fascinated me. I worked on a prototype many years ago that was never green-lit for production, and the idea resurfaced in another form when we started Cascade Game Foundry. The dive shop where I took my first classes was Bubbles Below (Woodinville WA) and the owner, Bud Gray, introduced me to PADI and DEMA. Bud's been a great supporter of the game, too!

What I like best about my job:
Creating video games is a fantastic mix of creative and technical challenges. I get to work with some of the most talented programmers, graphics artists, audio artists, writers, scientists, and marketing/business gurus on the planet, while crafting experiences that delight, amaze, and teach players about the world around them. Coolest job ever.

Words of wisdom for those starting their career in the diving industry:
Don't hold your breath, and just keep moving. :)

Best way to keep a competitive edge:
Software development evolves constantly, so it's critical that everyone on our team embrace change, love a fast pace and keep up with the latest game engineering, social media, and diving technologies.

Charlotte Vick (Curator, Explore the Ocean Layer in Google Earth & Strategic Partnership Director at Mission Blue, The Sylvia Earle Alliance) and Jim Truher (Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, Director of the Microsoft Orchestra)

About You, "The Person"... 

Something you'd find on my bucket list:
I’d like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with my husband and our dogs and go diving anywhere with Sylvia Earle.

What I am most proud of:
My happy marriage, long friendships, volunteer work at Full Life Care (an adult day-health center in Seattle), and our sweet little fledgling company, which is on the verge of shipping our first game in early 2013.

How I like to spend my free time:
Hiking with my husband and dogs, walking and laughing with my sisters and friends, playing music, reading, riding my bicycle, swimming, playing tennis.

Favorite quote:
“See what everyone else has seen and think what no one else has thought.” Albert Szent-Györgyi de Nagyrápolt

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
I play the drums in a blues-oldies rock band.

My 5 dream Jeopardy categories:
The Beatles, Miniature Schnauzers, Video Game Development, State of Iowa, Microsoft Lore


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