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Spotlight - Georgia Aquarium, Inc.
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

Georgia Aquarium, Inc.

Proud DEMA Member for 5 Years! 
Georgia Aquarium, Inc.
225 Baker Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

About You and Georgia Aquarium, Inc....

My name:
Susan Oglesby

My job function in the company:
Dive Immersion Program

Years in business:
9 years

About Georgia Aquarium, Inc.:
The Journey with the Gentle Giants program exposes divers and snorkelers to aquatic animals from three oceans (Ocean Voyager) in order to create an emotional bond and promote conservation of our aquatic environment.In addition, a Manta Ray Specialty and the Whale Shark Specialty are available to divers in the 6.3 million gallon environment.

Goal(s) for 2013:
Involve more people in aquatic conservation.

Greatest achievement in 2012:
Securing donations to expand our Warriors in Transition Battalion program to support rehabilitation through dives and swims with the whale sharks. Funds will accommodate more than 250 military through rehabilitation programs in 2013.

About You, "The Professional"...

What I find most rewarding about my job:
The faces of the divers as they exit the exhibit.

What I am most proud of (professionally):
The professionalism and enthusiasm of the instructors and dive masters on staff. They continually have as much fun as the guests.

Greatest piece of business advice I ever received:
My friend told me he never made a mistake. When I questioned him, he said he always made the best decision he could at the time, and if there was a better choice, he learned from it.

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