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Five Facts You Should Know About What DEMA Show Attendees Want
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Five Facts You Should Know About What DEMA Show Attendees Want

Data Provided From DEMA Show Attendee Survey Evaluations 2008 Through 2012

DEMA is focused on helping DEMA Members, DEMA Show Exhibitors and DEMA Show Attendees take control of their own business. The annual DEMA Show brings the Industry’s Buyers and Sellers together to demonstrate and shop products, order inventory, meet with Industry Leaders, learn about important Industry topics and trends and engage with the Diving Community as a whole.
DEMA conducts annual Exhibitor and Attendee surveys following each Show with the goal of finding the best way to serve the Industry. The Attendee Survey is constructed to reveal why people visit DEMA Show, what is most important to them and how Exhibitors can better understand what they want to see, learn and do. One of the key and consistent findings is that while technology has made communication faster and easier than ever, face-to-face communication including  demonstrations, meetings and appointments are still preferred,  productive and profitable in our community. Consider the following findings about DEMA Show Attendees as you plan for success at DEMA Show 2013*:
FACT: 41.7% of DEMA Show Attendees list their primary business classification as Retail Dive Store. This is by far the largest single group represented at DEMA Show. Instructors, to whom 61% of your new diving customers look for equipment purchase advice, make up about 25%. At DEMA Show, Buyers and Instructors are identified by the designation on their DEMA Show name badge and color of their badge holder strip.
Exhibitor Tip: 
» Designate one staff member to discuss products and take orders from badged DEMA Show Buyers.
» Designate a different staff member to be on hand to discuss products and services with badged Instructors. Keep in mind that instructors have a huge influence on their students' brand recognition and should be educated on your offerings.
» Only have ONE person staffing your DEMA Show exhibit booth? Have a sales plan to provide detailed facts and images promoting your product to Instructors to help them recommend YOUR product, while encouraging those Buyers present to actually submit an order or take delivery during the Show!
FACT: 61% of attendees have the Final Say when it comes to their company’s purchasing decisions
Exhibitor Tip: Attendees are the VIP's of Dive Industry businesses. Know your stuff and be ready to get down to business, share the value of your product or service and build relationships with these important Industry colleagues.
FACT: The last time DEMA Show was in Orlando in 2011, 76% of Attendees purchased or ordered products or services onsite from Exhibitors at DEMA Show and 84% planned to make purchases in the 12 months following that Show as a result of attending.

Exhibitor Tip:
 Florida is the second largest diving market in the US, according to the DEMA Certification Census. Be prepared to collect orders at the Show and make sure you’ll be prepared to fill those orders as requested. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to MAKE MONEY!!!
FACT: The top 5 reasons Attendees came to DEMA Show were to (in order):
1. See demonstrations and evaluate new products/services
2. Network with other members of the Diving Industry
3. Make purchasing decisions (order later)
4. Identify new vendors
5. Examine future business opportunities

Exhibitor Tip: Don’t let your targeted leads get away. Use one of the Lead Retrieval tools available through Compusystems at DEMA Show and be sure to take advantage of the one-time use of the ENTIRE attendee list to 2013 DEMA Members who exhibit at DEMA Show 2013. At the very least look into your options and make sure you follow up with those Attendees who visit your exhibit!!
FACT: Every year 24% of DEMA Show Attendees are visiting DEMA Show for the very first time!
Exhibitor Tip: Stay excited about the Industry, your company and what you can offer to first-time Attendees. They’re excited to be there – keep that excitement alive by making your booth look and feel exciting and welcoming. Make sure your booth staff come to the Show each day with a smile and ready to meet new people and maintain relationships. 
*Statistics listed are calculated from Attendee Surveys for DEMA Shows 2008-2012 with a statistical confidence level of 99%.
We’ll continue to provide helpful stats, facts, tips and deadlines in the Exhibitor Companion and via DEMA Show’s social networking sites. Have a question? Contact us at


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