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Spotlight - Uzzi Amphibious Gear
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

Uzzi Amphibious Gear

Proud DEMA Member for Over 16 Years! 
Uzzi Amphibious Gear
1650 nw 23rd AV
FT Lauderdale, FL 33311
954-777-9595 Pho
954-777-9599 Fax

About You and Uzzi Amphibious Gear...

My name:
Elan Bar

My job function in the company:

Years in business:
18 years

About Uzzi Amphibious Gear:
The Land and Ocean Company What's that all about? It's actually a lifestyle.A standard of living that is focused on an outdoor living existence. This idea started around the warm, blue ocean waters off of the Caribbean, where being outdoors is a way of life. Our Land and Ocean Company is a mindset as well. It says that you feel "grounded" around water. Or perhaps one would say that an active sports lifestyle on ground alone isn't enough. Water is in everything, everyone, and covers two-thirds of the Earth. The name itself says more than other brands or logos. Uzzi is taken from an ancient time, a reference to a higher, natural, power in the Universe. A power that is as great as the elements. The sun, the wind, the earth, the oceans. These are all powerful sources that speak to the soul of an outdoor lifestyle. Uzzi Amphibious Gear is the apparel for living; that is, if you come alive from the outdoor water sports and recreation. So we welcome you to Uzzi. A natural force that is rising around the globe like a tide. If you're into dive, surf, swim, kayak, canoe, ski, boating, camping, hiking or countless other great ways to enjot your active life outdoors, you will find a diverse range of products that were truly made for U. It is clothing developed for the inner U- who U are and the way that U want to live your life. Whether in the water or on land, at Uzzi it's all about U, so don't hesitate.

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