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Spotlight - Seaward Holdings Micronesia Inc
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

Seaward Holdings


Micronesia Inc

Proud DEMA Member for Over 26 Years! 
E. Lance Higgs
Seaward Holdings Micronesia Inc
P.O. Box 1086
Weno, Chuuk State
FM 96942
Fed. States of Micronesia
Office phone: 691 330 3040
Ship's mobile: 691 930 1276
Ship’s Inmarsat phone: 8707 7323 5297
'Diving Excellence, .... built from Experience'

About You Seaward Holdings Micronesia Inc...

My name:
Lance Higgs

My job function in the company:

Years in business:
36 years

About Seaward Holdings Micronesia Inc:
Our firm with the SS THORFINN as our main and flag product began cruising and diving in Micronesian waters back in 1982. We were the world's first large dive liveaboard cruiser, and remain the largest and longest operating after many changes and modifications to always remain as a leader in near all diving technologies and liveaboard comforts.

Goal(s) for 2013:
To inform new divers on magnificent sites and wonders of mid-Pacific Ocean waters, while continuing to offer the finest dive vacations both within Truk Lagoon, and/or dive cruising throughout Micronesia's thousands of outer islands and coral reefs. This big steam powered ship is also employed in oceanic research on marine mammals and other aquatic life due its extended cruising range,seaworthiness, and versatility.

Greatest achievement in 2012:
Mostly aboard with expanded accommodation luxuries, increased onboard oxygen generation,new free wi-fi Internet via Inmarsat FBB 500 installation. Various additions to main propulsion systems.

About You, "The Professional"...

What I find most rewarding about my job:
I truly appreciate meeting and mixing with the quality of clientele we attract to this historic location to chat about their lives/backgrounds and informing of the many fascinating events that transformed Truk Lagoon to being the world's most amazing shipwreck diving location with so many ships and war tools to view. Further rewards come from transforming mostly unschooled local people into useful careers aboard this sizeable ship.

What I am most proud of (professionally):
My wide experince in deep sea towing and salvage has been a tremendous contribution toward operating this complex ship and business at one of this world's most remote locations. Working within local governances in a completely clean and legal manner has been no small achievement and challenge to succeed amongst many economic obstacles.

Greatest piece of business advice I ever received:
While providing a former Caribbean container feeder service to Seatrain Lines of Puerto Rico, I was lunching with a 3rd generation European businessman at Santo Domingo, who quietly explained their long business success during dictatorship, Communist uprisings, and countless challenges. His grandfather laid out wisdom of financially supporting all good politicians, but never taking sides, leaving local politics strictly to whims of local people.

Where I see myself and/or business in 5 years:
We'll continue operations as long as economically feasible and upon my two sons rising to the challenge of relieving their papa at the reins.


About You, "The Person"... 

Favorite place to dive:
Micronesia as a whole has been a truly fascinating location with its wide diverities of aquaculture and geography. It easily outshines my experiences at many other well known global dive locations. The historic features of such a broad slice of sunken marine construction over half a century by a most advanced Jaopanese culture always proves to be my most interesting side, followed by the incredible aquaculture that has developed in last 70 years since the major conflict of long ago.

Most memorable dive experience:
Too many to recall in a singular manner.

Favorite quote:
"She'll be all right mate, do well what you can today to serve best tomorrow."

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
We'll keep that a surprise, thank you.


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