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News-2013-09-17 “VH1 You Oughta Know” Band ‘Rocks’ DEMA’s Upcoming Shark Finning Public Service Anno
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“VH1 You Oughta Know” Band ‘Rocks’ DEMA’s Upcoming Shark Finning Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Youngblood Hawke Delivers Shark Preservation Message
DEMA and Youngblood Hawke, a Los Angeles based band, are teaming up to film a Public Service Announcement (PSA) aimed at boosting awareness of the increased demand for shark fins and the devastating effect it is having on the global shark population.
Youngblood Hawke’s break-out single “We Come Running,” features the band underwater, playing music and scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas diving with DEMA-Member operator Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. Despite the playful feel of the video, the band delivers a deeper message of the importance of environmental conservation in the soon-to-be-released PSA.
“DEMA and the dive industry are committed to putting an end to shark finning in the U.S. and everywhere,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. The industry has already taken initiatives to assist several activist organizations in the U.S. in their effort to ban shark finning. Since Youngblood Hawke is known for using their celebrity status to advocate worthwhile causes, DEMA feels privileged to work with the band on this important endeavor. It is intended to reach all generations and make a lasting impression while reinforcing the value that sharks have and the vital role they play in our ecosystem.”
The 30-second PSA will inform consumers about this issue and emphasize the drastic effects that killing one of the top ocean predators for frivolous items, such as shark fin soup, has on the marine environment and beyond. It will encourage consumers to join the diving industry in their commitment to ban shark finning. The PSA was filmed Monday, September 16 in Los Angeles and will be launched later this fall.
More than 70 million sharks are killed each year, many simply so their fins can be taken for consumption. Primarily the fins are used to make shark fin soup and after the fins are removed the remainder of the animal is often discarded into the sea to die. Without the presence of this apex ocean predator, the entire ocean ecosystem is thrown out of balance. Taken to the extreme, this out-of-balance situation endangers the health of the oceans and everyone on earth. For more information on DEMA’s public service announcements visit  

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