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Spotlight - 3D Action Video Inc.
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DEMA Member Spotlight 

3D Action Video Inc.

Proud New DEMA Member! 
Phone: (702) 658-0969
Fax: (702) 966-37907
3D Action Video Inc.
7792 Arnold Palmer Way
Las Vegas, Nevada 89149

About You and 3D Action Video Inc....

My name:
Dean Homayouni

My job function in the company:

Years in business:
2 years

Goal(s) for 2013:
Completion of the initial three (3) underwater movies titled (1) 3D Coral Reef Aquarium, (2) 3D Shallow Shore to Reef Line and (3) The Big Three: The Magical Reefs of Bonaire, Cozumel and the Grand Caymans. We intend to distribute the "30 Pack" to dive shops and retail stores starting in January 2014.

Greatest achievement in 2012:
3D Action Video Inc. is gaining recognition for our ground breaking technology, procedures and techniques in the underwater and 3D Space. As Chris Mayhew, President of Vision III Imaging Inc. recently stated: "v3 Quick S3D Plug-in supports 3D Action Video’s underwater stereoscopic workflow The accompanying anaglyph is a sample of the unique underwater stereoscopic videography captured by 3D Action Video from their current production “The Towering Deep.” A film the has been created using the full range of the v3 QS3D and the Adobe Creative Cloud (Pr and Ae) stereoscopic postproduction workflow. 3D Video Action is a Las Vegas, NV based production company creating original 3D content. Specializing in underwater stereoscopic production, 3D Action Video is pushing the technology envelope on every front. The driving force behind the company is Dean Homayouni, an intrepid entrepreneur determined to provide consumer with an “Enhanced 3D Viewing Experience”. Dean has leveraged his experience in business and nature video production to create unique “Out of the Box” 3D content for corporate messaging and home entertainment. Vision III met Dean at NAB 2013. He was looking for an Adobe Premiere Pro solution to his stereoscopic workflow needs. Dean joined the QS3D beta test program and immediately became one of the most tenacious testers of the group. At the time Dean was in the middle of his own extensive research on 3D production and postproduction processes, which included the analysis of over 100 commercially available software packages to determine the best tools available. Vision III is excited to be working with Dean and his associates at 3D Action Video. We look forward to posting more of Dean’s spectacular underwater footage from time-to-time in the days to come."

About You, "The Professional"...

What I find most rewarding about my job:
Developing new technology, procedures and techniques to increase productivity, effectiveness and colorization of underwater footage and tell engaging stories of the interaction of man and nature.

What I am most proud of (professionally):
Completion of our technology, processes and procedures that were finalized in June of 2013. The second greatest achievement is the release of "3D Coral Reef Aquarium" using such processes, procedures and techniques.

Greatest piece of business advice I ever received:
If you do nothing than nothing will happen.

Where I see myself and/or business in 5 years:
Full implementation of our Business Plan and product lines including (1) Aquarium 3D Theaters, (2) The Interactive Critter Experience, (3) Private Label Products, (4) Periodic Viewing Stations and (5) to have our outstanding products broadcast and distributed throughout the world. I hope out scientific scripts will help people of all ages and genders to have a more aware appreciation of sea life.

About You, "The Person"... 

Favorite place to dive:
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. All shore diving, no boats, no dive masters and unlimited diving for $175 a week.

Most memorable dive experience:
Diving La Dania's Leap on Bonaire and The Big Three on Cozumel (Columbia Wall, Santa Rosa and Palancar).

Favorite quote:
"Will you still feed me, will you still need me when I'am 64" - Beatles

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
I went to the only Jesuit boarding high school in the US (Georgetown Preparatory School in Washington D.C.) and lived with Jesuit Priest for 4 years. The three pillars of Jesuit training of the Mind, the Body and Art have been pillars of my entire life.


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