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DiveCaching Logo, Image and Website Use License Agreement
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The following guidelines are provided to assure the proper and consistent use of the DiveCaching logo and images, hereafter called Files. Organizations and individual users must follow these guidelines when using these Files.

The website is hereafter referred to as DEMA-owned logos, images and website links, including DiveCaching and, may only be used when written permission is granted by DEMA through the execution of this Agreement.

Registration and Permission

Only DEMA Members are permitted to download and use the Files. Before using the Files or linking to the website, users must agree to comply with these guidelines, in consideration of their continuing status as a DEMA Member in good standing. Prior to use, DEMA requests the following registration data: name, organization, email address, and intended use of the Files e.g.: planned use in printed, multimedia/video or on a website. The Files may not be used in the production of apparel, caps or items used in a similar manner. The Files may only be used by DEMA Members in print or Internet ads to promote and supplement their own promotions, on DEMA Member websites to supplement their own promotions, and other materials with explicit written permission from DEMA.

Files are non-transferrable and may not be shared.

Usage Guidelines

Organizations agree to comply with the following guidelines before using any of the Files:

  • When using the Files to illustrate a relationship with DEMA, the organization will clearly indicate that the representation of the relationship is solely responsibility of the organization, not DEMA. The organization will also clearly state the type of relationship it has with DEMA.
  • The use of DiveCaching in a produce name is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of DiveCaching,, or Files on apparel, including caps and other garments is strictly prohibited.
  • DEMA-affiliated organizations are responsible for their own use of the Files as well as use by representatives from advertising agencies and implementation contractors that support the affiliated organization.
  • Any action not in accordance with the Logo License Agreement is expressly prohibited.

Website Linking Guidelines

  • On websites DEMA will be recognized as the source of the Files, web page content and other data copied or used from any DEMA website.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all occurrences of any DiveCaching logo on a website will link to the homepage.
  • Websites may only be linked when positively promoting the benefit of DiveCaching. Under no circumstances can a web link or logo be used in a manger disparaging to the DEMA organization or to DiveCaching.
  • When linking to the website, a new browser session must be initiated.
  • No method will be used to prevent users from freely using the functionality of the website, nor will any attempt be made to prevent users from bookmarking the website.
  • The originating website will not use frames, redirections or other web applications that intentionally or unintentionally cause users to misinterpret DiveCaching content as being created and/or published by anyone other than DEMA.
  • All products available for download from any DEMA website are provided "as is," without a warranty of any kind.
  • DEMA, DiveCaching and logos may be displayed only on web pages that make accurate references.
  • DEMA and DiveCaching logos may not appear larger or more prominent than your own name, company name, service name, product name, or trademark on any materials.

Organizations Authorized to Use DEMA Logos and Website Links
Only organizations that are current Members of DEMA may use the Files and website links.


The Files may be used on promotional materials such as displays and sales materials. However, they should not be used to denote or imply a DEMA partnership or endorsement of an organization and its products or services.

Agreement & Conditions

This Logo, Image and Website Use Licensing Agreement in no way limits other agreements between users and DEMA. In the case of conflict between sections of this Agreement and sections of other agreements, discretion is to be used to determine which sections of an agreement supersede the other.

All expressed or implied conditions, representations and warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement, are hereby excluded.

DEMA is not liable for any damages suffered by other parties as a result of using, modifying or distributing DEMA-developed content or its derivatives. In no event will DEMA be liable for any lost revenue, profit or data, or for direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages or attorney's fees, however caused and regardless of the theory of liability, arising out of the use of or inability to use DEMA-developed content, even if DEMA has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The user shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify DEMA from any and all such liability and/or damages.

This Logo, Image and Website Use Licensing Agreement is subject to change by DEMA without notification. Only the most recent Logo, Image and Website Use Licensing Agreement  is valid and resides on It is the user's responsibility to remain aware of any changes to this Agreement.  

All decisions regarding compliance with the guidelines set forth herein shall be made in DEMA's sole discretion, and DEMA's decision shall be final.

I agree to Agreements and Conditions as described above & will comply with the rules and regulations listed therein.

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