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Drink Tank Ltd: TankH2O / Tank Rum

Proud DEMA Member for Over 2 Years!  | (@TankH2O)  |  Instagram: @TankH2O
Email:  |  Phone: 001.650.209.0178


About You and Drink Tank Ltd: TankH2O / Tank Rum...

My name:
Brad Bishop

My job function in the company:

About Drink Tank Ltd: TankH2O / Tank Rum:
Manufacture and Distribute scuba diving centric products: - TankH2O: Yellow Scuba Tank-shaped Stainless Steel bottles/flasks for Water/Alcohol ... sold through Dive Shops and used as promotional items for Dive Manufacturers, Scuba Trainers, Dive Clubs, Large Aquariums, Non-Profit Organizations, Travel Agencies, and Island-Nation Tourist Bureaus. - Tank Rum: Clear Scuba Tank-shaped Glass bottles of quality Rum ... sold through Resorts, Restaurants, Bars, Duty-Free (Airport) Stores, Live-Aboards, Cruise Ships, and Gift Shops.

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community?
REVELATION / OBSERVATION: For the first time ever, scuba divers are bringing TankH2O's into their workplace environments and promoting to and "finding" other people interested in the scuba diving way of life. When TankH2O's are brought into a conference room or cafeteria or work office or to the "water cooler" or Board Room ... other scuba divers immediately recognize the person as a fellow scuba diver. Prior to the advent of TankH2O's in the workplace, fellow workers had no idea who the other scuba divers were amongst their peers. Other promotional items supporting the scuba dive industry (t-shirts, baseball caps, etc.) were not appropriate as proper business attire, thus never promoted in the work environment (and instead, worn at home and on casual days-off). Scuba Divers have a bond with other Scuba Divers and now, with TankH2O's in hand, they can easily "find" each other during their day-jobs. Beyond existing Scuba Divers, there is a connection between all other people who fall into the "Adventure Sports" industries, including snow skiers/boarders, mountain bike riders, kite boarders, surfers, bungee jumpers, paragliders, wake boarders, rock climbers, trekkers, backpackers, etc. Cross-marketing to these people draws like-minded individuals who desire to try out the other similar-but-different thrill-seeking sports adventures.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
TankH2O's will become the defacto-standard promotional product representing the scuba dive industry. Manufacturers will continue to customize TankH2O's with their own unique company-color(s) and logo(s) and artwork(s) ... distributing them to their prospects, partners, and stake-holders. Tank Rum will become the Adventure Sports person's rum drink-of-choice while traveling throughout the tropics and back at home. People will also collect the unique Tank Rum bottles and use them as distinctive table-water bottles at home or in the office. Tank Rum will help remind us all of the places underwater we long to return to ... sooner than later.

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