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Environmental Advocacy
  • DEMA monitors legislative and environmental activity around the country via DEMA Member representatives in bellwether states such as Florida, California and Hawaii.
  • DEMA works directly with local associations of dive operators and lends assistance where needed, especially when legislation could set precedents that impact the overall industry.
  • DEMA stays involved with issues affecting the environment including Shark Finning, Marine Life Protection Areas and other critical legislative considerations that impact the ability of operators to dive, pick up passengers or other activities.
    View DEMA's Position Statement regarding the California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA)
  • If you know of a legislative, environmental or other issue affecting the dive industry that DEMA should look into please contact us immediately.

Recent Legislative Initiatives Included: 

  • Health Care Reform Member Advisory
  • Shark Fin Ban in New Jersey
    • DEMA supported banning shark finning in New Jersey, providing economic and jobs data on the impact of diminished diving activity due to a reduction in the shark population to help secure the needed legislation
  • Support of the Extension of the Deadline for Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
    • Webinars for DEMA Members to help understand pool compliance requirements
    •  Seminars scheduled for Saturday, November 17th in affiliation with DEMA Show 2012 to further educate attendees
  • Request for withdrawal of Coast Guard Advisory on Recreational Diving
    • Coast guard distributed advisory outlining requirements for dive boats
    • DEMA requested USCG to withdraw the Advisory since it was based on a false premise, appeared to include requirements outside of the scope of the USCG and included comments which conflicted with diving industry standards of practice
  • Support of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
    • DEMA supported fair use guidelines for Florida Keys sanctuaries including the recommendation that non-consumptive activities like recreational diving be allowed and consumptive activities such as spearfishing be allowed when hook and line fishing are permitted
  • Passage of Legislation to Resolve Dive Charter Boat Fishing License Issue
    • DEMA drafted and passed language to finally resolve the issue of whether dive charter boats were required to have fishing licenses during the two-day lobster season.  Dive charter boats now have several options, and will no longer be fined or closed down.
  • Promoting Diver Safety during Lobster Mini-Season in Florida
    • Public Service Announcement played on television stations in Florida and surrounding states as well as online, to remind divers to tune their equipment and take a dive refresher prior to Lobster mini-season

Other Legislative, Legal and Assistance: 

  • MAUI Beach Park Access - Helped to fund legal action to keep access to these parks open.
  • Florida Fish Feeding - Continuously monitoring with attempts to overturn this
  • Monitoring of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary activity
  • Monitoring of various programs that may have an impact on the view of divers with regard to their environmental impact - Sustainable Diving and Snorkeling Programs in Florida
  • Marine Life Protected Areas (MLPA) - Monitoring in key states
  • Disaster Assistance with getting hurricane impacted exhibitors and attendees to various DEMA Shows

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