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Proud New DEMA Member!

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About You and FireDiveGear ...

My name:
Lynn Miner

My job function in the company:

About FireDiveGear :
Our most important motivation is to help divers to experience the stunning and fantastic world of underwater fluorescence. Contrary to most other vendors we experiment and test our own gear on every corner of planet Earth in order to fine-tune it for optimal results. We have produced the only PADI Distinctive Specialty actively being taught on the subject of Fluorescence Night Diving. All our hardware is calibrated against calibrated intrumentation, machined at close tolerance and uses the highest quality LEDs and filter materials available. We offer custom mask filters and made to order camera and strobe filters as well as high performance torch lighting systems.

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community? provides you with high quality gear for fluorescence diving with built-to-order gear to best suit your individual needs. Whether it be scientific/research diving, photography or just fun diving, we have solutions for every budget and of course we provide lots of information and tips around fluorescence diving. Much of our gear is used for coral health and research work by some of the premier marine biology institutions in the world as well as by many noted pro photographers. This critical research has led to great advances in the study of coral bleaching and the effects of ocean warming and acidification.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
We have been in this area of manufacturing for 24 months and the demand has grown exponentially. If the rates of growth continue to increase at these rates, we will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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