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Member Types

Category A1 (Voting Member )
A business engaged in the manufacturing and/or authorized wholesale distribution of diving equipment; or a company whose primary activity and income are derived from authorized independent wholesale sales representation of diving equipment within the dive industry. Including:

  • International Distributor
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing Representative
  • Supplier
  • Wholesale Distributor

Category A2 (Voting Member)
A business engaged in the training and monitoring of recreational diving instructors, the production and authorization of recreational diver certifications, and the promulgation of recreational diving standards. Including:

  • Dive-Specific Training Organization
  • Dive Instructor Training Organization

Category A3 (Voting Member)
Periodical with a frequency of four diving-related publications per year; or book publishers with at least one diving-related title currently in print; or video, film or media with at least one diving-related title in print or syndication; or consumer or trade show that produces one major dive-related show per year; or a company whose primary activity, membership and/or income is derived from consulting in the dive industry. Including:

  • Dive Industry Consultant
  • Dive Photographer/ Videographer
  • Dive-Specific Environmental Organizations
  • Dive-Specific Media
  • Dive-Specific Non-Profits
  • Dive Show Organizer

Category A4 (Voting Member)
A professional dive retailer with a physical business location legally operating in a business zone location and holder of a business license and/or a tax resale number and engaged in the retail sale of diving equipment; or A company whose primary activity and/or income is derived from the dive retail industry. Including:

  • Resort-Based Retail Dive Center
  • Retail Dive Center
  • Sporting Goods Retailer

Category A5 (Voting Member)
A business whose primary source of income is derived from providing the diving activities or accommodations at a dive destination (this includes resort operators, dive boats and diving live-aboard vessels); or a business whose primary source of income includes the transportation to dive destinations (this includes airlines, cruise lines, travel wholesalers and travel agents); or a business whose primary activity, membership and/or income is derived from the dive travel industry. Including:

  • Airline
  • Cruise Line
  • Boat/Live Aboard Operator
  • Dive Resort Operator
  • Hotel
  • Tourist Board
  • Travel Agent/ Retailer
  • Travel Association
  • Travel Wholesaler

Associate Member (Non-Voting Member)
Any business, organization, firm, partnership, association or individual that is involved in the diving industry but does not fall into the categories listed above. Including:

  • Instructor/Assistant Instructor/Divemaster/Con
  • Educational Institution
  • Other Environmental Organizations
  • Public Safety/Rescue Diver  

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