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Midwest Aquatics Swim & Scuba Center

Proud DEMA Member for Over 16 Years!

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About You and Midwest Aquatics Swim & Scuba Center...

My name:
Darin Duffin

My job function in the company:

About Midwest Aquatics Swim & Scuba Center:
Dedicated to developing confident and comfortable swimmers, snorkelers and divers. Midwest Aquatics started over 20 years ago remains committed to helping our customers experience a lifetime of safe enjoyment in and around the water!

Tell us about your dive club or any fun promotional activities you do for local divers:
We continually offer scuba travel to destinations around the world. For the local divers we offer weekend trips aboard our houseboat, Surface Interval which is located on Table Rock Lake. Our Scuba Rangers program offers our youngest divers an opportunity to dive in the pool on a monthly basis. We also offer seminars led by our equipment manufacturers reps.

Your advice for someone wanting to open their own dive shop:
* Carefully evaluate your market * Consider ALL of the revenue generating options for you business/facility * Consider the competition, not other diver centers but other activities, sports etc.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
We have our own facility/pool so we are not looking to build or relocate. We are always looking for ways to grow our business, better utilize our facility and improve the quality of services that we offer. What we will be doing in 5 years, good question, we plan to be doing what we currently do, some things the same, some different and probably some new!

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