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Proud New DEMA Member!

1327 SE Tacoma St #307 (mailing)  |  2911 SE Milwaukie Ave (physical location) Portland, OR 97202
503-442-2810  |


About You and NW SCUBA LLC...

My name:
Jesse Morgan

My job function in the company:

We are a full service dive shop. Our motto is Passion, Safety, and fun. You will find all three at our shop. We have a passion for diving and sharing our love of the sport with our students. We care about our divers and insuring they have a safe and fun experience while learning or participating in our many diving excursions. We are dedicated to customer service and providing quality products and services in a timely manner.

Tell us about your dive club or any fun promotional activities you do for local divers:
We have two dive clubs. One is predominately more experienced divers, and the new one is predominately newer divers. They do cross over and everyone is welcome in either club. The newest one is a joint venture with one of our independent contractors Scuba Specialties NW LLC (instruction) and is named Octopi Oregon. We feature a number of spearfishing, crabbing, and crawfish dives each year to include camping and cookouts. We are doing a missle silo dive in the near future. We are doing a zombie paintball outing with divers in October.

Your advice for someone wanting to open their own dive shop:
Work in a dive shop with a good reputation for at least a year; preferably in an area close to where you want to open. This will give you a pretty good idea of the local market, and the day to day operations. If you don't have any business experience take some classes at the small business administration or a local community college. If you have rentals and classes: rent and use what you want to sell. Nothing is better than selling them what they are already familiar with and using. Have your dive staff using the next level or higher equipment, so they want to upgrade. Be prepared to spend some serious cash or take out a large loan. Prepare a business plan with projected income and expenses for at least a year preferably 2. A well funded start up is much less stressful! I think the most important part of the equation is your attitude! If you are not a "people" person you better surround yourself with people who are. Remember your attitude is contagious. People are coming to you because they want to fulfill a dream and have fun. If you don't provide a safe, fun atmosphere with great customer service it doesn't matter how much money or business experience you have; you will fail.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
I think the e learning is going to be used much more in the local dive shops. Most of our customers are younger persons who are used to this learning environment, or business persons who have scheduling conflicts with onsite classes, but take the e-classes while on flights or business trips.

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