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News-2014-01-28-Obtain New Retail Customer Leads by Participating in A Be A Diver Pool Tour Event
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Obtain New Retail Customer Leads by Participating in A Be A Diver Pool Tour Event

DEMA Member Retailers Encouraged to Register Early to Maximize Benefits of Participation
For more than 10 years now, the Be A Diver Pool Tour has traveled around the U.S. to large scale events allowing attendees to try diving in the warm, safe confines of its four-foot deep swimming pool under professional supervision. With 9 events already scheduled for Quarter 1 alone, the Be A Diver Pool Tour is looking at another productive year of promoting scuba diving, helping retailers acquire new customer leads and generating positive press coverage for the diving industry.   
DEMA Member Retailers are encouraged to sign up with the Be A Diver Pool Tour early to participate in events coming to their area to maximize their success in getting publicity and new leads. DEMA offers many benefits and resources that can help retailers before, during and after a Pool Tour Stop. Retailers who are interested in participating or who can suggest an event with potential for attracting new divers are encouraged to contact DEMA’s Pool Tour Coordinator, Dave Reidenbach at (920) 205-3657 or Participation with the Be A Diver Pool is available for DEMA Members only.
DEMA Members can also gain valuable exposure for their equipment, destination or other product by becoming a sponsor for the Pool Tour. There are a variety of different sponsorships available with options for all budgets. Detailed information can be found in the Be A Diver Pool Prospectus or by contacting Dave Reidenbach, at
"The Be A Diver Pool is often a potential customer’s first diving experience and the introduction they need to develop a lifelong passion for the sport,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. "Since 2001, the Pool has introduced tens of thousands of people to diving with the participation of DEMA Member retailers, allowing these interested customers to try diving in a fun and controlled environment. For local DEMA Member dive centers, the Pool is a great opportunity to acquire new customers and generate media coverage for their store and for recreational diving, both locally and nationally. The Be A Diver Pool attracts an affluent customer who is a prime marketing target for retailers.”  
Participating in a 2014 Be A Diver Pool Tour Event is a unique and effective way to build relationships with up-and-coming divers and receive free publicity for your dive center. With 14 confirmed Pool Events already scheduled for 2014, now is the time to start planning for success – contact DEMA now and get started!

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