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Proud DEMA Member for Over 3 Years!

Edward E. Harper, BSOE (OWNER) NAUI Instructor # 6112 (Retired)
1638 Cottonwood Drive, North Canton, OH 44720-1102 USA  |  TEL: 330-896-3644  |  FAX: 330-896-8816  |  E-mail: OCEANEERS@AOL.COM


About You and O.E. ENTERPRISES... 

My name:
Edward Harper

My job function in the company:
OWNER/Ocean Engineer

O.E. ENTERPRISES was founded in Aug. 1991 and has been supplying underwater speakers for a variety of uses over the past 23 years. OCEANEARS is the Registered Trademark for O.E. ENTERPRISES products from underwater speakers to diver recall systems and diver signaling devices. The OCEANEARS DSD-6E Acoustic Diver Signaling Device is APPROVED for U.S. NAVY USE. OCEANEARS underwater speakers were used at the 1996 ATLANTA OLYMPIC GAMES and the 2008 OLYMPIC GAMES in Beijing, CHINA.

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community?
O.E. ENTERPRISES is striving to bring the DIVING COMMUNITY into the 21st CENTURY with a proven means for RECALLING SCUBA DIVERS to the surface in an EMERGENCY SITUATION. We are trying to educate the Diving Community that banging on the boat ladder or reving the engine is NOT a reliable and effective means for recalling SCUBA Divers to the surface for an emergency whether it be bad weather or a seriously injured diver. If you are banging on the boat ladder then you are probably still using a PAGER/BEEPER and have not moved up to a smartphone. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!!

Where I see the business in 5 years:
I see our business developing a diver worn acoustic communication system (SCUPAS - Self Contained Underwater PA System) based on our underwater speaker technology eliminating the need for the diver to need a receiver to hear voice instructions underwater from another diver. We will have a prototype of the SCUPAS at the DEMA 2014 Trade Show in Las Vegas. We are developing a Standard Acoustic Diver Recall System for use by NOAA Dive Teams and other dive teams who need diver recall as the requirement expands by OSHA as a required piece of equipment for dive lockers for companies doing government work (bridge inspection dive teams, Fish & Wildlife Dive Teams, Fire and Rescue Dive Teams, etc.).

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