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Proud DEMA Member for Two Years!


Andrew Mills  |  |  317-762-2788 
E. Washington St., Suite 1675 Indianapolis, IN 46204  |


About You and

My name:
Andrew Mills

My job function in the company:
CEO / President

About :
Founded in 2012, “buddies up” with dive shops all around the world to provide scuba divers the ability to make dive reservations online in real-time, in one convenient, secure website. Divers can easily search dive shops, read and leave reviews, and reserve new dives, all while earning points towards free dives. To learn more, visit

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community? 

It’s our goal to make sure the diving community and the professional diving industry stay in sync when it comes to technology. Today’s diving consumers expect a lot both in service and in speed. They expect to be able to reserve activities online in exactly the same, secure, easy way they do a hotel or flight.

Scubaba exists to help narrow the current gap between a consumer online expectations and the reality of where the diving industry is today online. We want to ensure that the industry does not loose divers to other sports or activities because they are easier to interact with. The easier we make it for a diver to engage with one of our customers the more likely they will stay diving and the we are then helping the diving industry prosper. We also passionately believe that divers are environmentalists by nature, the more scuba divers we can attract and retain, the greater the impact we can have to preserve our salt and fresh water bodies for future generations. 


Where I see the business in 5 years:
We see the business and site evolving over the next five years to offer more diver and scuba dive services & experiences while continually making the dive reservation experience the best it can possibly be. This will include adding new site capabilities that enhance the overall scuba diving experience.

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