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VideoRay LLC

Proud DEMA Member for Over 11 Years!  |
6104583000   |  212 East High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464

About You and VideoRay LLC ...

My name:
Kate McGarry

My job function in the company:
Marketing Coordinator

About VideoRay LLC :
VideoRay is the largest volume producer of Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) in the world. Established in 1999, VideoRay has worked with technology and mission partners throughout the world to develop and prove the small ROV tool for a wide range of applications. With over 3,000 units delivered to a wide range of organizations for a wide range of missions, hundreds of VideoRays work every day throughout the world underwater keeping us free from terrorism, finding and retrieving objects, inspecting infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keeping divers safe from hazardous conditions. Since the first systems were delivered, users have tried VideoRays in increasingly challenging situations and environments. Today, VideoRays can be found on every continent, and owners have learned to trust them to perform in a growing number of industries. VideoRay has established itself as the worldwide leader in observation class ROVs. Underwater accessory manufacturers now develop their sensors around the size and payload capacity of VideoRays. When you purchase a VideoRay Professional ROV system, you have the choice of the best sonars, positioning systems, metal thickness gauges, cathodic protection, water quality and radiation measuring devices, and many other underwater tools and sensors.

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community?
VideoRay extends capabilities to people who cannot dive for any number of reasons, including physical limitations and health concerns. Our ROVs can help them see beneath the sea. For those who dive not for pleasure but for work, VideoRay ROVs help them make sure it is safe to dive before anyone gets in the water. Communicating a dive plan is much easier and safer above ground than underwater, and VideoRay helps provide that extra level of safety.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
We look to maintain our position as global leader in inspection class ROVs, and continue to expand our current capabilities.

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