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Visible Divers, Inc.

Proud DEMA Member for 3 Years!


About You and Visible Divers, Inc. ...

My name:
Stephen Ellis

My job function in the company:

About Visible Divers, Inc. :
We are the software that makes dive centers highly successful. Running a dive center is complicated work. They're small businesses, but they have to do everything that a big business does. Owners have to master accounting, staffing, marketing, sales, inventory, training, certifications, social media...the list goes on and on. That's a lot of expertise to put on such small operations. They don't have that kind of time or money. So our program does those things for them. Visible Divers automates almost all of the grueling business tasks that most store owners hate about their business, freeing them to do what they thought they were going to do when they first opened their doors. Our program is the most advanced Point of Sale program in the industry, and it doesn't stop there. With event scheduling, rental management, staff management, customer retention and more, we call ourselves Dive Center Management Software. There's nothing like us in the industry. We get the customer back in your doors, we help the manufacturer simplify your inventory management, we connect you with your staff and customers, and we enable you to run your business from anywhere in the world, on any device. Your store will be more fun to run, and you'll have more sales with less effort, guaranteed. We are good at what we do, and we've gained the trust and endorsements of the best names in the industry. We are endorsed by NAUI Worldwide, as well as the top manufacturers in the industry like TUSA, SCUBAPRO, Mares, Atomic Aquatics and dozens more. We're able to instantly support any store from any agency, and our support is immediate and unlimited. With all of our features, people are shocked at how affordable we are.

What is your organization doing to shape the future of the diving community?
We're taking the most modern and useful technology, and bringing it to an industry that has been technologically left behind. Consumers are used to modern features in other industries; now they can expect the same in this industry, and we make it easy to do. We believe that the dive center is the industry center for success, and we are constantly working to ensure that dive centers not only stick around, but thrive regardless of market conditions. We work with manufacturers and agencies to ensure that the dive center's back office efforts are simplified, and we automatically connect them with their customers to ensure higher customer and diver retention.

Where I see the business in 5 years:
Technology always shifts and advances. We'll still be doing then what we do today: evaluating the best technologies to simplify business efforts, modifying our program to provide those benefits, and helping stores with our unrivaled support. We'll continue to expand the business and services that dive centers want most. Do we have a larger strategy? Of course! But many of our plans are part of our secret sauce.

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