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Lists & Research



  • Diving Fast Facts
    Fast Facts on Recreational Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

  • Diving Customer Demographics and Psychographics
    Information in these reports includes demographics and psychographics of end-users, and is based on the location of the home in which the end-user resides. Reports covers data ranging from age, income, net worth, and home ownership/value, to stages of family life and education, employment and other behaviors that govern the divers' recreational purposes. Understanding these variables provides a better awareness of customer buying behaviors and an understanding of where to find more and similar customers and is also far more reliable than single variable studies using age or income alone. The research is divided into five separate reports based on different diving activities; (1) Who is the Open Water Diver (2) Who is the Diver Buying Equipment (3) Who is the Continuing Education Diver (4) Who is the Diver on a Liveaboard (5) Who is the Diver Traveling to a Land-Based Resort.
  • Who are the Diving Industry's Customers
    Summary infographics providing demographic and household data on today's divers.
  • Find More Customers
    Use our Consumer Demographic and Analysis Suport form to request more information about your customers and the potential customers in your area.

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