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Paul Tzimoulis-Pioneers Recognition Program
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From Ed Cargile


            Some time ago, I developed the Pioneers Recognition Program.  This is not an award, but a way to coordinate giving credit where credit is due.  The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) is supporting this Program wholeheartedly and taking the lead in the coordination effort.   The AUAS Pioneers Recognition Program is very compatible with the NOGI Award, which was implemented by the Underwater Society of America in 1960, and is now administered and presented by AUAS.


            The Pioneers Recognition Program was developed for one simple reason ... people should be recognized for their contributions to the underwater world while they are still with us.  We have an immediate opportunity to do this for a highly respected and loved gentleman that has been a leader and strong contributor to the advancement of diving for over 45 years … Paul Tzimoulis.


            Recently Paul took a dramatic step that is very unlike him.  He resigned as AUAS Chairman.   Paul would never have done this without a very good reason … his sudden, very serious illness.  With Paul Tzimoulis as Chairman and Ralph White as President, remarkable progress has been made in advancing AUAS.  They have made a dynamic team.  Dr. Phil Nuytten has been appointed interim AUAS Chairman, until we have an AUAS Board Meeting.  Phil has a long extensive and powerful background in ocean technology.  He also has many of the experienced business traits of Paul.  To give you an idea of some of Paul’s many contributions to diving, see his biography from my book, Pioneers In Diving.


You have a tremendous opportunity to help in the Pioneers Recognition Program!!!   I am developing an Electronic Scrapbook about Paul Tzimoulis through AUAS.  If you have been blessed by Paul in any way, you are welcomed to join others who have the same admiration for this leader in diving.  Because of his serious illness, time is of the essence.  Your quick response will greatly help Paul.  Through our combined efforts, this may dramatically help Paul feel the warmth and affection that everyone has for him.  It is possible that this can be the miracle Paul desperately needs to win his fight.  Our prayers can make that miracle a reality.


Consider the following areas when developing what you would like to contribute to the Paul Tzimoulis Scrapbook:


  1. Include a short written description of how Paul has enriched your life.  Of
  2. special benefit will be personal and funny experiences (tastefully presented) that you have had with Paul.  If you recently sent a letter or email to Paul or Geri (his wife), these are most welcomed for the Paul Tzimoulis Scrapbook.
  3. In your message to Paul, no mention should be made of his illness or your sadness.  All messages should be positive and uplifting.  We are trying to help Paul and Geri.  Through our thoughtful messages to Paul, miracles can happen.  When writing your message, put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Send photos of Paul with the people he has impacted.
  5. Your written message and photo entry should include full contact information, so that Geri can contact you at the proper time.     


            This project has the full support of Geri.  By working through Ralph White (AUAS President) and Ed Cargile (AUAS Secretary), we will greatly reduce the amount of pressure that well-wishers may unknowingly place on Geri.  We will be able to provide your feelings through the Scrapbook, with a minimal intrusion on the privacy of Paul and Geri.  Geri’s only request is that we hurry … as there may not be much time left.  It is anticipated that there will be several Volumes of the Paul Tzimoulis Scrapbook.  When about 100 pages are filled, Ralph and I will immediately send it to Geri, who will share it with Paul.  All inputs received after that will go into the next Scrapbook Volume. 




            You are invited to join us in this vital combined effort for Paul Tzimoulis.  Send your inputs to me: Ed Cargile, 

Written comments should be sent as an attachment to an email to me.  The email attachments should be in MS Word or text format. 

Photos should be attachments to the email to me.  Send them in either a .tif file (which hold its quality through generations of copying) or a .jpg file (which loses quality each time it is copied).  Make the photos approximately 2” horizontal, at a scan rate of 72 dpi.


            Our prime objective is to quickly help a man that has given his entire being to helping others in diving, and his caring, talented wife.  Anything we can do to advance this objective will make a powerful difference. 


            Please feel free to forward this letter to your friends that may have some contribution to our cause.  We want to reach as many people as fast as possible.  Your quick response will let Paul know that thousands of people from around the world greatly appreciate his dedicated hard work.  Thank you in advance.


Ed Cargile

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