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Go Dive Now Pool Retailer Testimonials
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Throughout the year, “Big Wave” Dave Reidenbach and the Go Dive Now Pool Tour travel around the U.S. to bring the try diving experience to hundreds of event participants.

Each pool tour stop helps increase business for the participating local DEMA Member dive centers who volunteer to work the event. They benefit from the invaluable opportunity to acquire new customers and generate media coverage for their store and for recreational diving, both locally and nationally.

Check out some recent testimonials below from retailers who participated in a Go Dive Now Pool event.


May 5, 2019

I have participated in the DEMA pool for several years. I have seen various levels of support over the years at the local level to staff the pool. I want you to know that as a scuba shop owner what you do for business goes way beyond just the bottom line. I have come to see the pool as everything that is needed in our industry to be better stewards to SCUBA. The community has begun to finally come together and work as one. This has been a slow and often painful process. But the stores that have decided to embrace the pool are the only shops in our market that are turning a profit. I think others are starting to take notice.

I have begun to get calls on a regular basis asking what we get out of participating. I have passed on that the return is in direct proportion to the effort we put into it. We have learned a few tricks and now I see a large uptick of business following each event. I just wanted to share a few of our successes with you as you leave town and don’t get to see the great benefit.

Our biggest customer came to us 3 years back at EarthX. She came to try scuba, fell in love with it and has spent over $20,000.00 with us so far. She has purchased all of her gear, bought a drysuit, taken numerous classes with us and helped pioneer an annual Ice Diving trip that is helping several stores around the country drum up a nice wintertime business. I would say if she was the only story, it was a smashing success. However, we have picked up a steady stream of Scuba Birthday parties that were all sold due to the pool. These parties tend to keep giving because every kid that attends wants the party, too. It might sound like a small thing, but these parties are highly profitable and encourage entire families to get certified. We now conduct over 25 parties a year and they keep growing.

Refreshers and trips are another big winner as a result of the people met at the events. People are finding a scuba home after losing touch for years with a love of diving.

The time and effort you put into these events is amazing and I know you must be motivated beyond the paycheck because there isn’t enough money in the world to do what you do day in and day out. All of it is done with a smile and attitude like it is your first time.

With all the benefits we have received I think the biggest payoff is that we have a handful of shops now actively working together promoting scuba and creating more excitement. This past St Patrick’s Day one of the newer shops to join in invited all the shops that have been doing the DEMA pool to participate in a huge parade. On the float was Go Dive North Texas a tribute to the GO DIVE NOW Pool! That is priceless and making scuba better for all.

So basically, what I want to say is THANK YOU for your commitment to growing SCUBA! I know the rewards are few and far between and the travel has got to be brutal. But you have helped create a nice little community and when I send out an email to find help, we now have a bunch of divers of all levels excited to come work the pool with BIG WAVE DAVE! Your efforts are making a difference and I want you to know about it.

Thank You,

Rich Thomas
International Scuba



April 29, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve had the privilege to work with Big Wave Dave at the DEMA pool both at the Travel Show and the EarthX events in Dallas, TX. 

Wow.  I have never seen anyone work so hard and make such an impact for us in the diving business.
For two years, I represented MyPillow at state fairs, expos and tradeshows.  I thought it was extremely hard to set up and take down my 10’ x 10’ booth, again and again.  What Dave does to set up such a gigantic display is just incredible.  Even in the best-case scenario to break the pool down is physically exhausting (and we had no less than 10 people working together.)  I’ve heard sometimes he does this alone.  I can’t even imagine.

Because he is willing to do this for us, we meet all kinds of highly-qualified customers who probably never would have considered scuba or put it off like I did.  I know for myself, I wanted to scuba dive for at least five years, but because I didn’t know if I would like it, I kept putting it off because of the investment.  If I would have seen something like this where I could try it for free, I would have been diving years ago vs. just getting certified last summer.  And, it’s highly likely if we had seen this, at least one or two of my teenagers would have joined me. 

This display is the talk of the show and because of it, we are getting mothers and sons, fathers and daughters and whole families interested in scuba because they love it!

Plus, it gets local dive shops working together.  There is more than enough business for all of us.  There is no need to be in competition, only collaboration.  More people just need to know diving is an option when choosing how to spend their vacation and entertainment dollars.

I can’t imagine a more effective way to invest marketing dollars for us than what you are doing with the GoDiveNow DEMA pool.  Keep up the great work.

Tonja Waring
International Scuba, Carrolton, TX



October 11, 2018

This year's GoDiveNow pool was the best yet!!  Even for the weather causing our numbers to be down a bit, the people that did come were SO VERY HIGH Quality!  I got so many compliments on how cool it was, how good the staff were, they couldn't believe all the equipment and that it WAS FREE!  Honestly, I was very careful about keeping track of the numbers of participants that turned into more business for our little shop here in the upper Mid-west!  

So far I have had 4 couples that did not get in the pool but talked to us at the pool, all 8 people came into the shop and bought snorkel gear for their winter trips. Two of those couples also did a Discover Snorkeling experience!

We have had 5 people come back to the shop and do Discover Scuba Diving again with us in the pool.

We have had a birthday party of 8 book a DSD birthday party.

We've had a family of 5 book a private DSD in their own backyard pool with two of those participants getting Open Water certified.

We had 4 participants go directly from the GoDiveNow pool into the eLearning and get OWS certified.

We also were able to work with our Dive Master Candidates to give them much more hands-on training working with the new divers.  The repetitiveness was so very valuable for those new candidates.

Also, untold numbers of people that saw the television spots will at the very least know that, not only is there a dive shop in town but a good dive shop that has a presence!!

Dave, all in all, so far we have had 4 Dive Masters, 6 open water certs and 18 discover scuba divers just from this one fair and there will be people trickling in the rest of the year!  

For Landshark Scuba & Snorkel Center, the GoDiveNow pool was absolutely one of the best 'Big Picture" bring to the top of the mind awareness campaigns we have had!  I was even at a dive shop in northern Minnesota ask me about it. They are not currently members of DEMA, but I told them this is something we would love to share with them if they wanted to be a part of the program, the only kicker is they would HAVE to become members of DEMA.  They are certainly considering joining the organization just to be a part of the fair pool program!!

Here are some of the comments I got back from some of the participants of this year's pool:

  • Scuba diving has been on my bucket list for so long.  Thank You, this is so cool! -----Lisa P.
  •  My friend told me about the pool at the fair, this is why I came today.  I think I’m going to sign up for the dive class. -----Carol M.
  • I was really scared about trying scuba diving, the instructors were great.  They took extra time with me until I was comfortable underwater.  Thank you.-----Shelly H.
  • I brought the grandkids to the fair today to try scuba diving.  We had a blast, the grandkids want to take lessons ----Sharla M.
  • My youngest has waited for 2 years (until he turned 10) so he can try scuba diving.  He’s hooked, my new dive buddy in the making.  -----Ray W.
  • I came to the fair just to try scuba diving.  I’m 65 years old and I love it.  I signed up for the class to become a certified diver.  Bahamas, here I come.  -----Bob R.
  • The instructors in the pool were fantastic.  I was a little scared at first, but they stayed by my side until I felt really good about breathing underwater.  I didn’t want to get out of the water.  Thanks! ---- Kelley S.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!  Our DEMA membership is paid for many times over just by the business this pool generates directly.  There is no telling how much more interest and business it has and will continue to generate indirectly!!  In some locations this may not be considered a large number of divers, but for us landlocked in the center of the nation, these numbers are substantial!!

Professionally yours,

Colonel Echols
PADI IDC Staff# 196107
Landshark Scuba & Snorkel Center



August 20, 2018

We would like to thank DEMA for affording us the opportunity to help bring the Go Dive Now Pool Tour to the Erie County Fairgrounds in Buffalo, NY this summer (2018).  This unique opportunity allowed people of all ages to experience taking their first breathes underwater and the thrill of trying scuba diving.  I was impressed with the inviting atmosphere, quick sign-up process and the knowledge of “Big Wave Dave”, he was great to work with.  Participants welcomed the chance to try diving for free and had fun searching for sting rays and posing for photos underwater.  Many participants commented that it was an eye-opening experience that they would like to try again.  We had two area Dive Shops partnered with us to bring the tour to the fairgrounds.  Both dive shops had dozens of people that wanted to take the next step and sign up for lessons.  We would gladly partner with Go Dive Now in the future to provide the community with the opportunity to explore the exciting world of scuba diving.

Scott Patronik
Chief of Special Services, Erie County (NY) Sheriff’s Office
PADI MSDT #180098



August 15, 2018

Thank you for coming to Erie County Fair last week. Event was a great success! I signed up 12 new students for class and multiple leads. Please return in the near future. Interesting that 2 of my staff that participated became interested in scuba at this same event 18 years ago. Keep up the excellent and professional work. Looking forward to participation in the future. Its also important to note that many past students stopped by to say hello and inquire about continuing training.

David Johns
Professional Scuba


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